Effective tools to Handle Digital Marketing Campaigns

It is a known fact that managing digital marketing campaigns is the toughest work because it involves different aspects of SEO – link building, social media management, content management, etc. However, with the help of online marketing tools you can manage your digital marketing campaigns easily.

Let’s explore opportunities provided by online marketing tools:


This tool helps you to simplify your digital marketing efforts. Use it to streamline your campaign and its overall performance in real time.

Key benefits:

  • Helps to track and improve your traffic

  • Leads to notable growth results.

  • Helps to view global rank tracking, your competitors’ rankings and your search visibility score.

  • Assists to perform keyword research.

  • Automatically fixes issues .

  • Helps to optimise pages.

Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison is one of the most sought after tools that help to attract leads. This powerful cloud-based marketing automation tool helps to track your visitors, and assists you with content creation and social media marketing.

Features of Lead Liaison:

  • Content creation

  • Video marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Lead generation

  • Social engagement

  • Marketing analytics

  • Digital profiling

  • Sales & CRM integration

  • Online & mobile accessibility

Bpm’online marketing

This is effective marketing automation software that helps you to gain demand generation excellence.


  • 360° customer view

  • Lead management

  • Marketing campaign management

  • Email-marketing

  • Event management

  • Collaboration tools

Benefits of using Bpm’online marketing:

  • Eases of lead generation and management.

  • Helps to establish better relationship with customers.


Use Buzzsumo to promote content. It helps you to search, curate and share the most effective content.


  • Content insights

  • Influencer amplification

  • Content alerts

  • Content analysis reports

  • Complete social network overview

  • Open API

  • Competitor analysis & comparisons

  • Social backlinks


Mplans is an online library that offers 100+ sample marketing plans for a wide variety of industries.


  • Provides exceptional business intelligence.

  • Helps to plan and nurture business.

  • Helps to inspire business initiatives.


Today, social media is one of the most efficient channels to gain success. It allows you to interact with your target audiences. However, if you want extensive growth, use Hootsuite.


  • Update multiple networks in one step

  • Manage multiple contributors

  • Optimise delivery

  • Social Analytics reports


  • Helps to update multiple networks, work efficiently as well as gather intelligence.

  • Helps to monitor responses and campaign progress.

So, use these tools to successfully handle your digital marketing campaigns.