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Effective Ways to Increase Blog Engagement

Creating an engaging blog can be a real challenge. You need to create something unique that your audience will love and become your loyal readers. There are many ways to create a blog that can make it unique and competitive in its niche.

Here are a few proven guidelines:

Know your audiences

Knowing your target audience is the key. Carefully research your audiences.

Your research/survey should include certain essential elements, such as their:

  • Age

  • Interest

  • Demography

Focus on User Experience

Focus on creating a better user experience. According to a study, if readers feel irritated while browsing a blog, they will never come back.

Hence, you need to work smartly to improve the overall surfing experience of users. For that, you should:

  • Simplify the navigation structure of your blog

  • Interlink blog posts

  • Use lesser number of ads on your blog

  • Make your blog aesthetically pleasing

Create awesome content

If your content isn’t compelling, users will shun it.

You can add value to your content by

  • Writing something unique and specific

  • Providing helpful information

  • Answering queries

  • Including statistical data

  • Updating it

Craft Impressive Headings

Headings can make or break your blog. So, give a sensible, specific and simple heading.

Here are a few tips to make awesome headings:

Headings can be awesome if they are

  • unique,

  • specific and useful, and

  • convey a sense of urgency.

Create Interesting Introduction

If you want readers to read your complete blog, write interesting introductions. You must understand that every word of your introduction matters when it come to engaging readers.

Here are a few simple tips to make interesting introduction:

  • Always start your blog with a compelling fact or a statistical data that is unique.

  • Ask a question.

  • Tell a story.

  • Provide a brief summary.

Use appropriate visuals

It is a known fact that visual elements attract and retain readers. Therefore, use visual elements (images, videos, meme, etc.) across your blog post to improve engagement.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use images and pictures that support your headlines as well as content.

  • Use statistical figures.

  • Use appealing images and videos.

Write about emerging trends or trending topics

If you want to arrest the attention of readers, write about emerging trends, trending topics, new inventions, creative tips or strategies, etc.

For that, you need to carry out a research and study:

  • Buzzsumo

  • Quora

  • Google Trends

Publish content regularly

For better user engagement, publish content regularly. For reference point, read journals, news papers, blogs, influencers’ profiles and columns.

Email marketing

If you want to establish better relationships with your audiences, start using email marketing. It is one of the best ways to improve customer base, relationships and promote your blog.


  • Send informative newsletters to your readers.

  • Automate your email marketing campaign.

  • Segment your readers.

  • Create personalized emails.

  • Create an extensive contact list.

Bonus tips:

  • Always respond to comments.

  • At the end of each blog, ask your readers to comment.

  • Create compelling stories.

  • Comment on other influential blogs in your industry.

  • Use effective social media platforms to show your presence.

So, follow the above mentioned guidelines to increase readers’ engagement.