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Embrace the Most Reliable and Scalable SEO Techniques

Expenditure on SEO is growing rapidly. Still, many online business owners hesitate to embrace it. Their uncertainty stems mainly from slow results and uncertainty of search engine algorithms. However, when it comes to long term gains, high ROI and absolute visibility on the web, nothing can beat it. In fact, SEO is a scalable and reliable solution. A few specific steps can ensure success of an online store.

Here are a few SEO techniques that should be embraced:

  • Organic CTR –Create unique and informative title tags and Meta descriptions to improve your website’s ranking. (Tip – Regularly improve and update your title tags and Meta descriptions for the maximum advantage.)
  • Add Schema markup – To improve the overall experience of your users as well as search engines, add Schema markup to your 10 most popular web pages. This will improve your site’s CTR.
  • Improve your website’s speed – Improve your site’s speed by optimising images, reducing redirects and plugins. So, increase the speed of your site to serve your users in an efficient way. (According to the official Google webmaster blog, site’s speed matters.)
  • Focus on Canonicalization – This is still the most overlooked part of SEO. You must solve this issue by setting the preferred domain through “Search Console”.
  • Verify your Google My Business page – Claim your website’s listing in order to gain advantage over your competitors. Ensure your details are up-to-date and correct.
  • Remove duplicate Meta description – To gain high visibility on SERPs, remove duplicate Meta description and titles and create fresh and unique Meta description and titles for every page. (Tip- Make descriptions for users, not for search engines.)
  • Integrate Social Media – Integrate social media icons into your website’s design to attract more audiences.
  • Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines – To achieve ranking, you need to follow Google’s design and content guidelines, technical guidelines and quality guidelines. (Tip – Avoid participating in link schemes.)
  • Create high quality and original content – Original, useful, unique and high quality content attract search engines and audiences. Add images to your content to make it more engaging.
  • Organize your website structure – Organize your site’s structure in such a way that both users and search engines can easily navigate your website. (Tip – If possible, create navigation bar to help your users to navigate your site.)


These SEO techniques can improve your chances of winning on the web.

Quick SEO Tips:

  • Avoid using hidden text or links, doorway pages and scraped content.
  • Always check your website for hacking.
  • Remove user-generated spam on your site.
  • Avoid misleading techniques to improve search engine rankings.