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Focus on Landing Page Optimization

If your business website is struggling to ranked at the Top despite your SEO efforts, you should look for the mistakes you have been making. Today, most of website owners are unable to identify their main objective; they fail to understand the difference between traffic and the conversion rate. That is why they fail to optimize their landing page in a desirable way. The fact remains they need high ranking positions, good traffic as well as conversions in order to gain maximum success. So, systematic optimization of the landing pages is the need of the hour.

Here are some of the ways to make your landing pages productive and interactive:

  • Always provide a consistent experience – Your message’s tone, design, layout and content should be consistent throughout the web page. You must use clear, noticeable, relevant and concise headlines to attract the immediate attention of your users.

  • User and traffic segmentation – This is fairly simple, if you have multiple user types, try to create a landing page for each segment specifically and drive traffic through separate sources. It will simply extend your website’s capabilities.

  • Remove unwanted information – Some people put extensive information on their landing pages, which is a bad practice. It will create unnecessary clutter, which may hamper your conversion rate. So keep your message clear and straightforward.

  • Use Call-to-action (CTA) – It is good to use CTA wherever possible. In fact, it should be present near the products’ or services’ details for better conversions.

  • Integrate interactive videos – Yes, videos not only develop better understanding, but also engage customers. Customers like to spend time watching videos and listening to the messages. This will improve the overall value of your web page.

  • Enable sharing – If your main objective is to create buzz, make sure that your content/video/image are easily sharable with the common social networks.

  • Say thank you – If you are asking your visitors for their personal information thank them for it. It is a good practice and encourages them to log more on your landing page.

One more thing, you need to create original and highly valuable content for your visitors so that they act accordingly. It will also help you in developing a better brand value and retain more customers.