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Fred, the Inspector of Google-land

Fred is the new Lord of Life and Death in Google-land. It’s an update that can terminate your ‘domain’ in the same way as it can award you with the water of life.

Before you think “No worries, Google always makes updates and we always find a loophole”, I have to warn you: Fred is a serious inspector. You’d better reform your thought in this way:
‘What can I do to please Fred?’

Quick answer? To content Fred, you need great content. That’s all. It sounds simple, but it is not always the case.

There will be some consequences for your past actions in Google-land.
Let’s take a look at who will suffer and who will survive, to begin with. Then I’ll tell you Fred’s logic so that you can have an insight into what it does and why it does it. Finally, I’ll give you the best tips on how to make Fred your best friend.

Will you be penalised by Fred?

The 7 antipathies of Fred

  1. Violation of Google guidelines (updated just last March).
  2. Over-optimised SEO sites
  3. Poor quality content, copied from other sources, or unable to meet users’ needs
  4. Too generic websites and contents
  5. Not optimal visiting parameters, which is often equal to low-quality of the content (visitors spend a too short time on the page)
  6. Fake, deceptive, or inaccurate news on the web
  7. Too invasive advertising on the website, which dominates the real content

The 3 loves of Fred

  1. Quality
  2. Naturalism
  3. Niche

Why is Fred so stern?

Fred is a protector of Google-users and an inspector of the content provided, therefore, it cannot tolerate contents that may hurt the users’ experiences on a website.

Put yourself in Fred’s shoes!

What are the things that irritate you while searching for an answer on Google? That you always find the same answer. Those are copied contents. What else? Too many keywords and repetition. Those are over-optimised SEO sites. Go on, what’s more? Nothing concrete juts generic information. Those sites’ only aim is monetisation and not providing quality substance to you.

These problems disturb Fred very much. Even though Fred is a mechanical update, it pretends to be ‘human’. What does it mean? It appreciates things that humans normally appreciate when it comes to contents. It delights in natural quality with a bit of spice of creativity installed on a very useful and informative plate. Fred is here to end the world of monotonous, boring, and useless content.

How to make Fred your best friend?

If you have been suffering because the rankings of Google haven’t seemed to understand your unique style, service, and creativity, Fred will be your best friend! You don’t need to change your way, just keep going! Your realm is arriving.

However, start preparing yourself for the worst if you just copy-paste contents to improve your ranking. Worried? That’s good because it means you can take action in time to avoid running into penalties or lose traffic due to Fred’s updates.

If you move how Fred wants, you are safe.

You can follow this 5-step model:

  1.  Don’t exaggerate using banners or advertising spaces on your website. Distinguish them clearly from the main content.
  2.  Build your authority and solid credibility on the web by focusing on creating more specific content in the chosen niche.
  3.  If you manage an information portal, always check the sources and try to offer in-depth, accurate and useful content. Stay away from unverified and alarming news!
  4.  Avoid over-optimised SEO sites and obsessive, unnatural repetition of the keywords on your website.
  5.  Focus on user needs, both from a content point of view and from the general one of navigability on web pages. Take care of the loading speed of the web pages, as well as the relative user experience.

Let me know what you think of this new Google update in the comments.