How to Drive More Revenue from Your Online Store?

Online stores have been using internet marketing tactics. However, there are certain online stores still struggling to make their stores efficient and productive. All they need to do is to adjust their internet marketing strategies accordingly to achieve the desired growth.

Here are a few ideas, tools and techniques to optimize your online stores:

  • Sketch out your e-commerce strategy – Analyze and evaluate your products, market demand, industry trends and research your competitors’ way of working to devise a functional e-commerce strategy for better outcomes.
  • Choose the right e-commerce platform – Choose a platform that allows you to set up product categories and upload inventory efficiently. Latest e-commerce platforms also help you to generate report, sales data, and study users’ statistics.
  • Improve customer service – Use instant messaging service, e-mail marketing, and improve the speed and accuracy of your services to get better results. If possible, give free product delivery service.
  • Optimize product pages – Product pages are crucial for customers’ buying process, so optimize them properly.
  • Include testimonials – Try to include customers’ testimonials and reviews on your website to improve the brand value and impress customers. (UGC promotes greater brand engagement.)
  • Improve your backlinks – To gain an edge, you need to improve your backlink profile. This will help your website to achieve high rankings. (More Total Backlinks = Higher Rankings)
  • Integration – Integrate contacts, calendar events, demographics, and email communication with CRM software for better tracking and monitoring.
  • Educate buyers – Inform, update and educate your buyers to improve their decision making abilities.
  • Use Spruce – This platform allows you to create social-media-ready images to improve your social media activities.
  • Use Uberflip – This platform helps you to create, manage, and optimize content. Use this platform for better customer understanding and engagement.
  • Use Animoto – Create high quality product videos with the help of Animoto. This will help you to showcase your work and create an unforgettable experience for your customers.
  • Use nutshell – If you want to get more deals and build long lasting customer relationships use nutshell. Nutshell is an affordable and easy-to-use CRM software tool.


Use these tools and techniques and write your success story.

Statistical facts:

  • According to marketing expert Etrigue, 75 % of companies underutilize data, relying on one-size-fits-all mentality for communications.
  • According to a recent BrightLocal survey, 80% of consumers trust online review as much as personal recommendations.