How to optimise B2B Landing Pages?

Creating a digital marketing campaign for a B2B company is a challenging job. B2B marketers always try to adopt the best marketing practices to extend their network; however, they often miss certain essential elements.

Here are a few strategies to optimise B2B landing pages:


  • ‘B2B’ stands for ‘Business to Business’
  • ‘B2C’ stands for ‘Business to consumer ’

Some might ask- what is the difference between B2B and B2C landing pages? The answer is simple – B2B landing pages target businesses only while B2C landing pages target customers to sell their products or services.

B2B landing page optimisation is comparatively tough and requires more focused approach than B2C landing page optimisation.

Make your landing page attention-grabbing

As a B2B marketer you must make your landing page attractive and interesting. For that, you need to provide facts and figures, compelling page headings as well as clear call-to-actions.

Offer certain enticing elements, such as free e-books, free product guides, case studies and white papers.

Make your landing page relevant

Analyse analytics to understand traffic source, identify users’ requirements and their demographic factors. This will help you to develop better content.

First impression

B2B marketers should understand that they have less time to communicate and persuade. So, they must write precise and compelling headings and descriptions that can influence audiences.

Content should be specific and answer the questions of users. This will improve conversion rates.

Create appropriate landing pages

According to a survey, 75-98% of B2B site users look for solutions to a problem or to fulfil a need. Hence, you should provide relevant as well as actionable information.


  • Provide live chat feature. (83% of U.S. consumers say they prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels to solve customer services issues and get advice.)
  • Express optimism.
  • Follow-up your customers. (It is the key to build lasting relationships.)
  • Provide extraordinary features as well as related success stories of your products.

Focus on Registration Forms

This is one of the most overlooked factors, when it comes to landing page optimisation be it B2B or B2C. For the maximum output, use simple registration forms or signup process.

In fact, it is important to keep limited fields to save time of users. To gain optimum advantage, use “best fit” registration form.

Theme and colour combination

Understand the concept of colour psychology and overall theme of your websites. These two are important factors when it comes to landing page optimisation.

They should complement each other.


  • Keep navigation bars simple and clear.
  • Analyse heat maps to adjust your landing pages.
  • Reduce distractions.
  • Avoid using hidden text.

Add social proof


Using social proof on landing pages is a powerful addition to marketing strategy. Hence, use testimonials, customer reviews, short quotes, case studies, social sharing buttons, positive comments, tweets (or social media posts) and other elements (total number of users) to gain users’ confidence. This will also boost the credibility of your website.


  • For added advantage, use trust seals on your landing pages.
  • Write privacy policy for your B2B users.

These strategies will help B2B marketers to optimise their landing pages in a better way.