How to Promote a Website locally?

Launching a website is an easy task; however, promoting it is a complex one.


  • 93% of consumers who search on mobile make a purchase — half of them within the hour.

  • 73% of consumers lose trust when a business’s online listing is inaccurate.

  • 53% of consumers that saw a business video contacted that store within a month.

  • 97% of internet users search for local businesses online.
  • According to Google, 72% of mobile users consider it important for a website to be mobile-friendly.

Here are a few simple ways to promote a website and gain competitive edge:

“Promoting a website to reach wider audiences is a multi-dimensional process”.


If you want to improve the visibility of your website, submit its URL to Yellowpages. It is one of the best websites to promote business in local region.

“Nearly 55 million consumers visit each month”.


  • Always try to create an impressive business profile.

  • Enhance your profile’s listing by responding to reviews.

  • Make your website search-engine friendly.

  • Highlight the best qualities of your business.

  • Always choose the correct business category.


MerchantCircle is one of the finest and largest social networks for local business owners. It offers different types of business oriented services, including online business listings, marketing tools, internet advertising, business websites and online video.


  • Always create a professional business profile.

  • Visuals can motivate customers, so, use images wisely.

  • Use MerchantCircle to boost your company’s rankings.

  • Use it to improve authentic interactions.

  • Use MerchantCircle to launch online ads and manage business reputation.

Use to get wider exposure for your business. It is a productive and cost effective method of local advertising.


  • Create an impressive business profile to improve your site’s traffic.

  • Use it to connect with your customers.


Manta boasts millions of unique visitors every month. This is one of the most powerful sites to promote a website. This website not only increases your business connections, but also helps to drive traffic.

According to a study, setting up a Business profile on Manta helps businesses to show up in Google search engine results.


  • Use it to simplify your marketing efforts.

  • Optimise your business profile listing for the best results.

  • Use it to claim and customise your website’s profile to improve online visibility and marketability.

Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the most effective tools to help your site to rank higher. However, to take full advantage, create your profile as well as optimised it.

“Google My Business is an important tool that empowers local businesses”.

It is a free, flexible, reliable, and effective tool for local businesses. It shows business’s name, address, phone number, hours and description, which helps businesses to attract local customers. Besides that, it allows you to manage your entire business profile from a single place (dashboard).


  • Provide correct Name, address and phone number of your business.

  • Update your business information regularly.

  • Monitor how people see your business in their Google search results over time.

  • Verify your Google My Business listing: by postcard or by telephone.

  • Always choose an appropriate business category.

  • Try to get rid of duplicate listings.

  • Always write a unique business description for the maximum visibility.

Bonus tips:

  • Optimise meta title, description and page content for local keywords.

  • Use consistent contact information across your online profiles and websites.

  • 88% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, so rely on customer reviews.

  • Focus on local link building.

  • Personalise your ads for local people. (A Google study shows that 66% of people want ads customised to their location.)

  • Take advantage of User generated content.

  • Include Geo tag to show your location to search engines (

So, raise your digital marketing game and show your presence with the help of these websites.