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How Web Designs Can Improve Conversion Rate of a Website?

Good design and relevant content can convert browsers into customers. In other words it will improve conversation rate.

Here are a few techniques to improve conversion rate:


Simple, clean and relevant web design can dramatically improve the overall conversion rates.


  • Use logical web designs.

  • Make a wise use of sidebars.

  • Update website template.

  • Use clear navigation.

  • Use buttons rather than text.

  • Make a good use of contrasting colours.

  • Never use visual tricks.

  • Simplify the structure of the website.

  • Use consistent colours across the website.


Some marketers use CTAs in their text only, which is not a good technique. Hence, create a unique CTA that can convert customers.


  • Use CTAs wherever possible.

  • Create colourful CTA buttons rather than text formats.

  • Never write generic call-to-action.

  • Write sensible and specific CTAs.

Responsive designs

A responsive web design is the need of the hour. It not only provides a uniform experience, but also reaches more people.


  • Focus on menus.

  • Use relevant layout.

  • Focus on site’s usability.

  • Create optimized images.

  • Use Parallax Scrolling.

  • Take advantage of Google design standards –
  • Minimise redirects.
  • Use PageSpeed Insights tool.
  • Use a tool like “FitText” to create responsive text.
  • Try to limit the use of text on mobile devices.
  • Get rid of unnecessary and excessive elements.
  • Choose the right button size.

Avoid using sliders

Only a few marketers know that sliders can slow down a website. In fact, sliders with large images repel users as well as waste their time. Hence, avoid using sliders on websites.

According to a study, website elements such as sliders and carousels distract users.


  • Use static images.

  • Never write content on slides.

  • Never use sliders on mobile devices.

Use a Card Layout Approach

Card layouts work perfectly with a modular design approach and are ideal for mobile and responsive designs. In fact, it is a practical way to display information.


  • Helps to convey messages in an interactive manner.

  • Helps to separate information and make it readable.

  • Ideal for mobile devices.


Colours play an important role in decision making. Hence, choose colours wisely. You can use colour psychology to improve conversions.


  • Never choose dull and boring colours.

  • Use colours that can evoke emotions.

  • Follow industry standards.

  • Pick colours according to your products and services.


Last but not the least, write content that converts. It is always better to write short, to-the-point and clean sentences to help users.


  • Clean and clear sentences improve the understanding of users.

  • Never provide tons of information on a single page.

  • Use bullet points and sub-headings.

  • Be creative.

  • Create stories around your products and services.

Bonus tips to improve conversions:

  • Regularly monitor traffic.

  • Improve your web design and content writing efforts.

  • Remove unnecessary/distracting elements.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors.

So, carefully blend brilliant web design elements with smart content to improve conversion rates.