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How to improve your conversion rate online

This is a question we are regularly asked by new and existing clients. Of course this should be the number one question, and it is something that every business on and offline is keen to know the answer to. Every business needs to increase its conversion rates since this is what turns leads and potential enquiries into actually sales.

Here are some tips to help you improve your conversion rates online:

Target the right audience by ensuring that you are writing the right type of content that will interest them and attract them. All the marketing communications and how you present your brand, and how your package everything you do online must be properly targeted to the right audience. This may take some additional research and time to develop an accurate profile of your target audience but it will be worth it in terms of how much time you will save and how it will directly influence your content, making it more effective and far more likely to produce the right results.

Converting leads into paying customers also requires careful though with regard to how you physically guide your customers toward your online till. For businesses that sell directly this is extremely important. You will need to work with a great web developer so they can help you create the right paths and calls to action on your website.

This may sound more complicated that it actually is. If you are not experienced with these types of mechanisms on a website then make sure you are working with a good team of professionals who can properly advise you. This will make the entire process much easier, quicker and the results will be much more effective.

Test your website to ensure all the links and pathways are working properly. Also test your ordering system. Make sure you can process orders from the moment they are placed to final delivery within the time you say you can. Your reputation is a valuable commodity and as a result it is important that you ensure you are able to deliver what you are selling.

Make sure your website is clear and easy to read. Try not to over complicate it with too many words, flashy images of fancy animations. Instead keep it looking appropriate for your brand and your industry and make sure it appeals to the people YOU want to buy from you.

Finally, always remember that conversions come in different forms. You convert cold leads who are searching on Google, into qualified leads by attracting them to your website or social media pages. Then you have the people who are on your website for the first time. You need to convert them into regular visitors and potential customers. Qualified leads will then be directed towards the actions they need to perform in order to become paying customers. Finally, once you have converted them into paying customers you must consider turning them into repeat customers. All these different aspects of conversion need different tactics, and that is why it’s best to use a company that can help you with good web development, web design, content creation and SEO. That way you will have all the bases covered and you will be able to ensure all your messages reach the right people.