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How to improve your weekly email blast

You do send out a weekly email blast, don’t you? If you don’t, we strongly suggest that you do. A weekly email blast is still a powerful way to communicate with your customers. We acknowledge that in recent times the email as suffered a decline in popularity, especially from customers. However, this is because some companies have gone overboard and bombard their customers with overly sales-pitched emails. This inevitably leads to the emails being relegated to the junk pile.

In order to avoid being sent to the junk folder, and to get the most of your weekly email, try some of these tips.

Our first tip is to re-read the title of this article and note the keyword, ‘weekly’. That’s all you need, one email per week is more than enough to keep in touch and maintain contact with your customers.

Only send out an email if you have something new to share. Emails that say the same thing every week will quickly be deleted immediately. Always feature some interesting news, or a new product. New is the keyword here – the information must be new to your customer.

Add built-in links or embedded links to your email to make it easier for your customers to go straight to the relevant page of your website. It is also a great way of adding a firm ‘call to action’ to your email. Don’t rely on them doing it later. Make it as easy as possible to follow your suggestion immediately and take them straight to where they need to be on your site.

Make your email as eye-catching and creative as possible while still ensuring it will quickly load and be easily read. Overly wordy emails look boring, but equally, highly graphic emails with no text just look like adverts. A balance and a layout similar to a print newspaper or magazine is a tried and tested format that works and is most appealing to the general public.

Finally, make sure there are no mistakes! This is true for any content you produce, but is particularly important when you are sending a personal message straight to a customer. You are communicating directly with them so make sure you get their name right and that it’s spelled correctly. In addition, keep the tone of your email professional but friendly and approachable. Avoid sales speak and overly technical language. Likewise, don’t use slang or overly personal language either.

Keep your mailing list up to date and as accurate as possible. This will also ensure you are sending emails to real people who want to read what you have to say.

Let us know what you do to make your emails stand out. We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions too.