Incredible Social Media Tools for Marketers

  • Looking for the right social media tools for your business growth?
  • Want to take innovative social media initiatives for your business?
  • Looking for tools that are easy to use?
  • Do you want to adjust your social media strategies in this ever-changing marketplace?
  • Do you want to maintain a consistent and quality brand image on social media?

This article will put you on the right path.

There are many social media tools that will help you to implement your social media strategies.


It is a hand-curated and the most popular content suggestion platform. This platform allows you to grow a relevant social media following across your entire social network.

You can select categories/interests that matter to you, and it will queue relevant suggestions to your Buffer where you can manually curate posts.


This is a new tab extension that helps you to find different types of marketing articles/resources. All the articles are curated by its community of marketers.

You can give and take article suggestions as per your needs with the help of this extension.


Yotpo is a great Instagram tool for content curation. Use it to collect the best user-generated content for your business.

If has multiple functions that allow people to create Instagram photos, photo galleries, a shoppable Instagram feed and much more.


Refind is a perfect extension for content curators. This extension helps you to re-discover the links you have previously saved. It can also show you what your friends in your network have saved, if you want.

Adobe Spark

If you want to gain an edge, you need Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is an editor that helps to create graphics, web stories, as well as animated videos in minutes.

This advanced editor helps you to quickly create photos or texts. You can use multiple in-built templates according to your business objectives.


This amazing tool helps to create awesome videos in just three steps. You can add content and captions, upload images and videos, choose a theme and font to create a better video for your business.

Pixabay 2.0

This tool is designed to offer free high-quality photos and videos. It offers more than 790,000 photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos for use.


Rebrandly is a custom URL shortener for sharing links. You can use it to transform long and complex URLs into memorable ones.


This is one of the best tools to analyse content marketing. It reports everything from traffic sources to the total number of shares. You can use it to track the volume of visits, leads, and much more.

The goal of any marketing effort is to generate sales. So, use these social media tools and extensions to improve your social media efforts.