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Instagram marketing trends for 2020 – stories and more

This year is coming to its end, which can mean only one thing -it’s time to get on the track with the new Instagram marketing trends for 2020. This year’s highlights were wide use of IGTV videos and the rise of Instagram stories. But, what should we aim at in the following year? Get informed and prepare your marketing strategies on time.

Instagram stories will continue to rise

You may have focused your strategy on the well-designed posts and quality copy. However, this year has taught us something else – stories turn a follower into a member of the community. They are also a powerful tool for engaging with your audience. Creating more casual, conversational content will ensure you an active group of followers.
Don’t cross-post the same content everywhere; try to dive into the creation of stories. Talk with your audience, clarify possible misunderstandings, ask questions and be present. Always keep track of the metrics to test what kind of content your audience likes. After you understand the numbers, adjust your strategies.

La La Trend

Another thing to have in mind is music. The trend of adding music across your stories will continue in 2020. So, prepare for the multi-dimensional approach. Instagram users play more than 60% of all Insta stories with the sound on. Plus, 80% of stories with any kind of tone perform better than pictures. Strive to engage more than one sense of your followers. We will leave you with that.

The conversational tone gets into the spotlight

Basic informal communication is a way to declare your brand vision and mission. It doesn’t matter what your preferred niche is. Your followers want to get a sense that there is a dialogue with real people behind the screen. Keep the formal business tone on LinkedIn. Try to switch to a friendly, yet respectful tone of voice everywhere else. The subtle change towards a more conversational tone will make your brand relatable. This can only bring you good.

Business is personal

If you use Instagram, you must have seen personalized filters, stickers, and GIFs. It is time to start utilizing this trend. Invest in your brand’s personal filters and encourage your followers to use them. Create a micro-campaign to make sure that the launch of your filters is getting attention.

Pro tip

Organize a simple contest with your filters theme to gain more followers. For example, create a positive, motivation – oriented narrative. Include that a way to enter is to use your filters. Don’t forget to use personalized hashtags and watch the numbers getting higher. Keep it simple and relatable. This way, you will increase your brand awareness, which is at the top of the digital marketing goals.

Stop being fake

People had enough of fake looks, perfect online reality, and polished pictures. As seen within the large group of influencers this year, users want authenticity, and it sells. Put your brand out there, be specific about controversial details and be noble. Also, if you collaborate with influencers, pick those who are open and authentic. Make sure they resonate with your brand’s public image. Forget about stock pictures and perfect brand presentation. Share real-life moments and real-life issues. People are seeking for honest conversation and all-perfect approach can be intimidating. So, next year focus on nurturing your trustworthy relationships with individual customers. Pay attention to their needs and wishes, be real.
Which trend do you think will take over 2020?