Keep your content fresh by updating it regularly.

Do you update the content on your website often? Or has it looked the same since the day it was launched? Hopefully you change it fairly regularly.

From an SEO point of view, keeping your website content fresh, and updating it regularly will have a positive effect, and make a real contribution to your search engine rankings.

Google bots are looking for websites with natural activity. Natural activity is easier to generate when your visitors have a reason to keep coming back. If you content remains the same all the time, there will be little incentive for them to visit on numerous occasions.

What is the point of having a gorgeous website, designed by professionals?  After it is launched, if you ignore it for months, or even years at a time, you are likely to lose visitors and it is much harder to win them back once you have lost them.

Also, the information on your website is likely to go out of date very quickly as your business grows, expands and changes. There is nothing worse than checking a website and then discovering that you are looking at out of date prices, or old contact details.  Customers are likely to click away and find an alternative if this happens.

A blog is the perfect way to ensure you website has news and fresh content on a regular basis. Offers, competitions, tutorials, new products and events, also PR and all types of video or multimedia content can be regularly shared on your website to keep it looking fresh, looked after, and current.

This will also keep the Google bots interested and stop your website from sinking down in to the depths of the unknown, unloved and unvisited website.

By creating a plan of regular updates that will inform and engage your viewers, customers, readers, and followers, you will be able to maintain a good level of activity on your website, and this will be seen and responded to by the Google bots.

If your website has been neglected for a while, we advise you to develop a plan of action to start these regular updates. You could also speak to us about having all the content on your website refreshed by a professional content writer. This can also make a huge difference to your rankings.

The most important aspect is to keep your visitors interested and to create quality content that grabs their attention and informs them.