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Know How to Exploit the Full Potential of Social Media

Nowadays, businesses are using Social Media sites to promote their brands, products and services. These sites have the ability to engage and retain customers. Through better use of social media sites, companies can outrank their competitors. However, most companies do not understand how to utilize social media sites to increase their brand’s visibility and engage the maximum number of customers.

Here are a few ways to use social media sites wisely:

  • Know what to share – Never ever promote your products or services directly, instead educate your customers. Share industry related news, trends and other essential information to impress your customers.
  • Share interesting things – You must understand your buyer’s interest before sharing your content (articles, videos, presentations, etc). You must share the relevant information that can entice your community members.
  • Share tips – You can add value to your network by sharing content that will make your customers’ lives easier. Share tips, tricks, how to guides, tutorials, e-books, etc.
  • Respond quickly – You must respond quickly to any comment/feedback and encourage your customers to share their views and opinions. This will eventually increase customer engagement.
  • Share your company’s uniqueness – To establish your brand in the market, share your company’s unique features, such as awards, recognitions, social work, donations, etc. This will improve your company’s brand image and display its culture.
  • Update frequently – You can update your content many times a day to engage the maximum number of customers. However, it often depends on your industry and business objectives.
  • Instil humour – This is the most overlooked part of social media sharing. You must instil humour and fun in your posts to make them interesting.
  • Create data-driven content – If your posts include facts and figures, more and more people will read and share it. This will improve your brand’s credibility in the market.
  • Monitor your competitors – To understand the marketing trends, industry updates and other critical elements prevailing on the web; monitor and analyze your competitors.
  • Use social media management tools – Use the top social media management tools to engage customers, generate more traffic and leads and make your content much popular. (Use, Quill Engage, BulkBuffer, Post Planner, Bundle Post, GitHub, PhotoSync , Hootsuite, etc.)

In addition, you also need to make sure that you always create a compelling profile of your company with complete description, logos, images and address. This will help you to build trust and engage more customers.

Quick tips:

  • Understand the social media platform first.
  • Share relevant information.
  • Understand the risks and opportunities.
  • Define your brand in a professional way.
  • Always display your value proposition and distinctive elements.