Make your Website Credible With these Essential Elements

Your website reflects your business’s image. That is why, it is essential to create a trustworthy and authentic website that can attract and sustain the maximum number of customers.

Following are a few steps to make your website look trustworthy:

Include an “About Us” page

“About Us” page is all about you, so include your identity, address, contact information, company history, etc.

Email address

To ensure an effective communication create an email address using your domain name. An email address having domain name itself indicates that you take your business seriously.

Professional appearance

It is a fact that websites that have a professional appearance attract the maximum number of customers. Hence, pay attention to each detail of your website from the appropriate-sized font, colour scheme to graphics.

Page layout

Choose a clean, intuitive page layout instead of gaudy presentations. Cluttered pages distract users. Customers always seek clean and concise information.


Try to keep advertising to the minimum because too much advertising frustrates users. Of course, it is a good source of income; however, make sure they do not drive away visitors.


Display professional certifications, memberships or anything that shows that you have the knowledge and expertise to provide specialised services.

Display images of your business

In order to gain the customer’s confidence and vote of trust, you need to post yours, your employees, and office premises images. It also forges a personal connection with customers and helps them to know about your brand.

Establish a blog

A blog is the best way to improve personal connection with customers. Its comment section opens the doors for greater interaction.


Regularly review and update your site especially if you are constantly adding new products. This will improve the functionality of your website.


Keep the navigation of your website as simple as possible so that customers can explore products and services of their choice.


If you have garnered any third-party reviews or testimonials, post them on your website. It is one of the best ways to ease customers’ nervousness and improve their decision making capacity. (Adding customer reviews to product pages can help you convert up to 58% more visitors.)


Always respond to your customers in a timely as well as professional manner.


  • Make sure you link to all your key pages from the home page.

  • Include privacy policy and disclaimer pages.

  • Never make excessive use of scripts.

  • Keep in mind that search engines prefer simple static URLs over dynamic ones.

  • Write high-quality and relevant content across the website.

  • Add resource section to your website to catch the eye balls.

  • Use high-quality videos and images across the website.

  • Focus on site navigation, labelling and naming conventions.

  • Duplicate content can lessen your organic rankings, so write original content.

So, integrate the above given elements into your website and gain customer’s confidence.