Online Marketing Practices for Growing Businesses

Online marketing and SEO are the biggest driving forces behind any marketing strategy. They not only make a website efficient, but also improves its revenue generating capacity.

Here are a few Online marketing for businesses:

Latent semantic indexing (LSI)

LSI helps search engines identify related keywords and process synonyms to deliver more accurate search results. – Hubspot.

Tips –

  • Use SERPs keyword research database tool.

  • Make use of LSI keyword generator and Ubersuggest.

  • Craft your content according to the intent – informational, navigational and transactional.

Improve click-through rate of emails

Email marketing needs no introduction, but click-through rate needs. Most of the business owners complain that their customers do not open their emails, which result in huge loss. That is why, it is essential to focus on improving “click-through rateof emails.

Tips –

  • Always create mobile-optimized emails

  • You should send shopping cart abandonment emails (Less than a third of major U.S. retailers send shopping cart abandonment emails.)

  • Include high quality colours and clickable buttons.

  • Always use social proof in your email content to encourage people.

Aim for Google’s Featured Snippet Box

According to Hubspot, a Featured Snippet is shown in some search engine results pages (SERPs), usually when a question-based query is being searched for.

Tips –

  • Craft your content in the question answer form.

  • Focus on question-based queries.

  • Use bullet points and question answer format in your content.

Never ignore technical SEO

If you think that SEO is only about title and descriptions, you are wrong. Technical SEO also plays an important role in gaining better results. All you need to do is to understand advanced features of certain tools to resolve issues.

  • Google’s PageSpeed Insights

  • Siteliner

  • SEO Browser

  • Screaming Frog

Make good use of UGC

According to a report, 87% of consumers say that content can have an impact on their purchasing decisions, and User Generated Content (UGC) can even more. It not only provides social validation, but also offers a foundation for making instant decisions.

Tips –

  • Use UGC on product pages.

  • Use video testimonials.

Enable HTTPS

According to online marketing experts; every website should embrace HTTPS.

Reasons to use HTTPS –

  • Improves rankings

  • Enhances security

  • Ideal for AMP


According to the survey conducted by dscout, smart phone users also spend an average of 145 minutes daily on their mobile phones. That is why, it is more than important to use AMP to improve the overall experience of users.

Benefits of using AMP –

  • Improved website speed

  • Better content visibility

  • Drive more clicks and traffic

  • Ideal for mobile content

So, drive sales and improve your bottom line by using the above mentioned strategies.