Online Marketing Strategies to Improve Sales and Revenues

If your online store fail to generate leads, you need to rework your marketing strategies. In fact,  monitor your competitors closely and adjust your online marketing strategies accordingly.

Here are a few online marketing strategies for online stores:

Focus on email receipts

 Did you know that email receipts can efficiently increase your sales? An email receipt acts as a record, and help to know about customer’s engagement rate.

Here are a few ways to optimise your email receipts:

  • Always try to include product recommendations in your emails. According to an online survey, around 80% of consumers like when retailers’ emails contain recommended products based on previous purchases.
  • Add discount codes in your emails
  • Ask for feedback. This helps you to learn about the needs as well as problems of your customers.

Send out ‘wishlist on sale’ emails

 Most shoppers add products to a wishlist and forget about it. You must email them about it. In fact, this will help you to manage your inventory.

 Make special deals visible

Generally Shoppers are either sceptical or miss special deals, hence, make your special deals stand out. Highlight your special deals so that shoppers can’t miss them.


  • Use pop-ups to promote your special deals or holiday deals.
  • Choose different colours for your pop-ups.
  • Use an info bar at the top of your page.
  • Target visitors on pre-defined behaviour.
  • Use sidebars to communicate special messages.

Include product videos

According to studies, people are more likely to buy a product after watching its video.  So, it is important to add videos to convert viewers into customers.


58% of shoppers think companies with product videos  can be trusted .

Focus on up sells and cross sells

 No wonder, online stores often use up sells and cross sells to increase their revenues. However, timing is everything. For that, optimise your check out page.

Page load speed

To improve the overall experience of users, you must make your website faster. Fast websites help buyers to shop easily and  quickly in a hassle free manner.

Bonus tips:

  • Use high-quality visual content.
  • Optimise product descriptions.
  • Create short product videos.
  • Optimise extensive code and make it light.
  • Use fewer tracking codes.
  • Create effective email marketing campaigns to drive authentic engagement.
  • Discover how to use Analytics to track users.
  • Use social media marketing techniques.
  • Discover the most advanced paid and free marketing tactics.

Use these insightful online marketing strategies to improve sales and revenues.