Online Marketing Strategies to Improve your Site’s Visibility

Online marketing strategies not only improve the bottom line of businesses, but also give them a reason to stay ahead.

Here are a few online marketing strategies for enterprises:

YouTube Marketing

Video marketing is a great form of content marketing. It allows businesses to engage users and convert them into customers. Today, YouTube is the largest search engine on the market because 300 hours of video get uploaded every minute.

Tips –

  • Create relevant titles.

  • Put important keywords in the titles.

  • Write and optimise a script for your videos.

  • Start blog (or video blog) vlogging.

  • Post videos consistently.

  • Create short videos.

  • Ask your viewers to subscribe.

Avoid certain harmful things

In order to achieve unmatched success, it is essential to follow standard SEO practices. Standard SEO practices save your website from getting penalised.

Tips –

  • Avoid link schemes and sneaky redirects.

  • Never create doorway pages.

  • Avoid using hidden links and text.

  • Never use keyword stuffing.

  • Always create high quality content for your users.

  • Minimise the amount of ads on landing pages.

  • Never use fake customer reviews.

Always choose the best CMS to gain advantages

Sometimes business owners choose a normal or an outdated CMS, which prevents them from achieving success. That is why, it is imperative to choose the most powerful, advanced, versatile and productive CMS.

Tips –

  • Choose an SEO friendly CMS.

  • Select a CMS that provides Google Webmaster Account, Google Analytics Account, Google+ Personal Account, along with free extensions.

  • You can choose WordPress, Drupal, Concrete5, MODx, Blogger or Joomla.

Evaluate usability

Website usability often includes – design, philosophy, cognitive psychology and much more. Therefore, as a marketer, you need to evaluate the usability of your website at frequent intervals.

Tips –

  • Always use user-centred designs.

  • Focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of your website.

  • Use usability testing tools such as Optimizely, Qualaroo, five second test, etc.

Focus on web-accessibility

It is an underutilised aspect of SEO. As a marketer, you need to make sure that you follow the content accessibility guidelines.

Tips –

  • Make sure that the website is operable and understandable.

  • Always provide text alternatives for content that is non-text (graphics).

  • Provide audio and video captions.

  • Make sure you provide relevant page titles and helpful links.

  • Perform accessibility audit at regular intervals.

Rely on Content Curation

It is all about compiling and sharing of high-quality content with your online fans and followers. It not only improves your online identity, but also helps to connect with your audiences.

Tips –

  • Use high quality content curation tools such as Bundle Post, ContentGems, Curata, CurationSoft, etc.

So, use the above given strategies to boost your website’s visibility.