Online Marketing Techniques for High Traffic and Conversion Rates

If your business objectives are taking longer to accomplish, you must use creative and proactive online marketing techniques. Online marketing techniques can help businesses to attract audiences and improve organic traffic. Here are a few marketing techniques to explore:

Use the best keyword research tools

If your business is losing visitors, it’s time to look at your keywords. If you think they are not appropriate, perform keyword research.

Tips –

  • Increase the total number of keywords.

  • Understand keyword intent.

  • Invest time in researching and brainstorming.

  • Use top keyword research tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMRush and Answer the Public.

  • Identify keyword difficulty.

  • Keep an eye on Search trends.

Focus on getting more traffic

If you want to improve leads and sales, you need to focus on achieving quality traffic.

Tips –

  • Always perform content marketing audit.

  • Invest in video marketing.

  • Update existing content.

  • Make use of images, video and audio.

  • Rely on paid advertising.

  • Use LSI keywords, and answer queries.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is one of the best ways to boost marketing efforts and attain expected results. In fact, it can improve the performance of your website.

Tips –


If you want good return on investments, you should use cost-effective and reliable PPC. It is a proven method to improve the bottom line of a business.

Tips –

  • Use SEO and social media along with PPC.

  • Choose the most suitable keywords for greater profitability.

  • Control your budget as well as use cost competitive intelligence tools.

  • Use PPC to sell products & services and raise brand awareness.

Follow the best link building practices

If you want to establish your brand and stay competitive, you need to focus on natural link building practices. Whether you have an e-commerce store or a service based website, you should use link building practices.

Tips –

  • Start and maintain a blog.

  • Write user friendly content and optimise posts.

  • Write high-quality articles and publish them on top sites.

  • Get your articles, case studies or images published on top media sites.

Improve domain authority

Most marketers fail to understand its meaning; in reality, it is all about improving the backlink profile and content present on the website.

Tips –

  • Improve the quality of content.

  • Stay away from low quality backlinks.

  • Focus on off-page SEO optimisation.

  • Optimise XML sitemap and submit it to Google.

  • Use the Google disavow tool to remove bad links.

  • Optimise URL structure, titles, descriptions as well as content.

So, use the above online marketing techniques for high traffic and conversion rates.