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Is outsourcing SEO worth my money?

It is natural for a business to question whether SEO activity is the best use of their finances. Very good CEO wants to know his investment will result in a return. Here is some of the ways outsourcing your SEO will provide the levels of return on investment (ROI) that you are hoping for.

Good SEO should increase the number of visits to your website. This is a direct result and therefore a return. It’s good to keep an eye out on your visitor figures and record a base line prior to the SEO activity so you can see how it has changed over time. Look at website visits per month, week and on certain days in the week to if you want to break it down that far. For huge companies it can sometimes be worthwhile to drill further down and establish what visitor figures are on an hourly basis.

The number of news sales leads is a return on investment that is, people engaging with the site or asking questions about products or service. These are qualified sales leads. They are looking for what you are selling and simply need to be guided and assisted in that process.

The number of sales in a set time period is also a return on your investment. This is the one every business is looking for but it is the one that cannot ever be guaranteed. Experienced business owners appreciate this however it is the ultimate goal since it boost revenue and income for the business.

After six months of outsourced professional SEO work you will be able to calculate your return in investment by studying the results against the baseline figures for the following:

  • Search engine rankings
  • The number of back-links created
  • The activity levels on website
  • A lower bounce rate
  • Number of qualified leads

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