Pinterest is increasingly big news for business and e-commerce

Pinterest is fast becoming the go to social media platform. Numbers of Pinterest accounts are continuing to rise as huge numbers of people, the majority are women, flocking to the site, and statistics say 58% of the memberships are female.
It has developed a reputation as a place for baking cakes, home crafts, and wedding mania! And while that may be true, consider the vast array of products and services that could benefit from this type of highly visual platform. Marketing was never so visual, or free of charge!
There has been a significant increase in the number of blogs and text based content being shared on Pinterest too. Bloggers have cottoned on to the benefits of posting their articles with attractive and highly ‘pinable’ images.
Depending upon where you look, (and when you look), Pinterest is the 2nd/3rd most popular social media network today. Either way, that is a huge audience waiting to see, like, and pin your content! The vertical size of your pins is limitless, within the realms of reality of course, but this lets you get really creative. And it gives you huge scope for creating visual content to complement your text content which will attract pinners.
The ladies who lunch, shop, and have a much larger disposable income than normal, are the ones most drawn to Pinterest. As a result, marketers are finding that pins which link directly to e-commerce sites, show the price of goods and services, and make them easy to buy, are proving highly effective and irresistible to the Pinners.
Pinterest is giving businesses the opportunity to show their expertise, creativity and personality with images and links to great content. It’s free, and it’s a form of back link Google won’t get annoyed about! It will increase your visibility and build your brand’s identity. It lets you ‘pin-point’ the most appealing content you have created, and put it right in front of a product hungry, keen and enthusiastic audience who want to spend money.
Have we convinced you? If you haven’t signed up yet, get on to Pinterest, quick! And let us know what you think of it.