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Powerful Link Building Tools and Tips for Marketers

Building a website is easy, but getting it ranked through link building is difficult. Marketers use a wide variety of techniques to achieve links; however, they often fail to understand certain critical aspects of link building, as a result of which they fail to achieve their goal.

Now the question is, how to develop a link building strategy and which tools should be used? Basically, each website has its own nature, limitations, opportunities and area of working, that is why, they require a unique link building strategy; hence, it is up to the marketers what approach they should formulate. However, when it comes to link building and analysis tools, there are many.

Here are a few powerful and popular link building tools to choose:


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful backlink checker tools. It combines the following three efficient tools:

  • Backlink Checker,

  • Organic Traffic Research, and

  • Paid Traffic Research.

Use it to improve your search traffic, research/analyse your competitors as well as monitor your niche. Marketers can use it to track their competitor’s newly acquired backlinks.


This backlink analysis tool helps you to find out the broken links as well as gives you opportunities to create new links.


This is a <strong> backlink removal tool </strong> that enables you to submit link removal requests to webmasters. As a marketer, use it to remove bad backlinks from a single URL or multiple URLs. You can extract and review a detailed report about bad and good backlinks to take further actions.


This is a robust tool to research influencers/industry experts and manage relationships. Use this tool to explore about prospect lists, add contacts, and much more.


This is a versatile tool for local linking. It helps you to collect online reviews, feedback, and testimonials. Use it to track your rankings (organic listings). You can also use it to analyse listings, fix duplicate listings, and claim the important citations to achieve local ranking.

Open Site Explorer

Use this powerful tool to research backlinks, find link-building opportunities, as well as discover broken links.

Advanced link building tip:

  • Always choose a white hat approach for link building.

  • Create better content to support your link building efforts.

  • Stay away from link spams and paid links.

  • Make your website link-worthy.

  • Analyse your site’s links at regular intervals.

  • Create and share useful videos, graphics and content.

  • Develop a sustainable link building campaign.

Remember, link building has the ability to impact your business goals. So, create a link building campaign to achieve better traffic and ranking for your website.