PR will help boost your SEO

Press releases and articles will help to boost your Sep if they are done properly. Every time you write and release a news release you will also be incorporating keywords and adding a link. When this information is posted on a news website or in a website like PR web, it creates the potential to be shared, read by real people and the link becomes a back link that can be followed back to your website.

What Google is clamping down on is low quality articles and press releases. However, if you write high quality articles and share them in a timely manner that does not resemble spam, there is no reason why you can gain full advantage from PR to promote your business online. It is still a powerful online marketing method that is being used by millions of businesses around the globe.

Here are some handy tips to help you to create the best PR possible –

Regular news updates – deliver these via a blogs, press releases, and a news section on your own website. Social media or a regular newsletter is also a great way of sharing PR news.

Press releases – These can be uploaded to newswire services online and sent directly to the press and online media for publication. As you build up your following and your brand recognition you will see the PR being used by news producers.

Social media – This is a great way to highlight and share links to press releases, blogs and articles that have been published on newswire and media services. If you have one of your articles published make sure you share it around your network. It adds kudos to all your other communications when another organization prints your news!

Remember, PR is not just the printed word any more. Today, vide news, podcasts and images are equally as powerful, if not more so. Platforms like Vine, YouTube Twitter and Facebook all deal with huge amounts of PR that include images and multimedia offerings. Don’t miss out. Use as many different forms of media as you can to share your news and make your PR stand out.