Promoting yourself effectively online

We have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries from individuals who wish to promote themselves as experts or professionals in their field. Amongst this group of enquirers are scientists, writers and entrepreneurs. They see the value in developing their own personas and names online.

This is an exciting new development for us. In the past the majority of our work has centred on established businesses. Now, people are seeing the value of promoting themselves and making their own names known.

If you are an expert in your field of professionalism, it might be worth looking at ways that you can build your own leadership and authorship status online. Becoming an influencer can have a hugely positive effect on your business and your income.

Here are some tips on promoting yourself effectively.

Write a fantastic blog! This is not news, but it is true and is a tried and tested method of sharing your knowledge widely.

Either build a website in your own name, or make sure you company website has a bio section where visitors can read more about you.

Build your authorship online. All the content that has been written by you should be labelled as by you. Google Author Rank is perfect for individuals who want to promote themselves and build their names on the internet.

Make sure there are images of you on your blog, website and on your guest blog posts. Image is important and in order to get to know you, people will need to see your picture.

Guest writing and blogging spots are great ways of sharing content and spreading the word about your expertise. It is also a good way of picking up new followers for your blog or website.

Social media is excellent if you do not focus too much on chatting and more on posting quality content. If you look at the accounts of the most popular people on FB and Twitter, they talk less and post more. Take a lesson from them.

Promoting yourself online is not boastful, it is not egotistical. It is simply an avenue for highlighting your own ideas, gifts, talents and expertise. It is not for everyone, many business owners prefer to let their brands do the talking. However, if you want to elevate your name and recognition as an expert, get in touch, we will be delighted to help you.