Re-vamping your website

How often do you give your website a fresh new look? Keeping your website looking fresh, cared for and up to date has been proven as a tactic that will maintain visitor levels to the site and interest in your company.

We have been doing our own research and are amazed to discover that the largest percentage of website owners will not re-vamp their website at all. Some have had their sites for over five years without ever changing them. We’re not suggesting that every website needs entirely rebuilt every year, however, it is a good idea to change its appearance and make it look as contemporary and up to date as possible.

In addition, even if you only built your website a few years ago, web developed will have moved on since then and there will be new techniques and tools that you could take advantage of. If you website if more than two years old, it will be worth having a good developer have a look at it and make recommendations for a refresh. The extent of this refresh will be dependent upon your budget and your business. If you have a busy website and a successful business, there may be no need to change very much. Whereas if you could do with boosting visibility online and sales, then maybe starting with your website will help you with any other SEO and marketing plans you wish to implement.

Here’s how to keep your website fresh.

Add a Twitter and Facebook feed which shows visitors to your website the latest activity on your social media.

Make sure you update news, blogs or add interesting articles at least once a week.

Use fresh images with each new article, and change images every two or three months so that the website remains interesting and new to the visitor’s eye.

Check all the content and update it, even with a quick re-write, every two to three months. This will let you update certain keywords, amend information that may be slightly out of date, and it will give your visitors something new to see again. Whenever you update the content on a page it is also worth sharing the link which creates back links to it too.

Finally, every few years, look at the design, architecture and layout of your website. Is it still serving your company well? Is it out of date? Is it running slow? All these issues can be addresses by working with a good developer who will make recommendations on how you can make economical and effective improvement to your website.