The real benefits of blogging

If you follow this blog, you will already know that here at Indazo HQ, we believe in great quality content. We also see the value in building a great blog as a way of keeping activity on your website regular, and of encouraging regular visits from followers.

We realise however, that we have not fully itemised all the benefits of creating and maintaining a good quality blog. So, here are the benefits of blogging, and why we think you should make a regular blog part of your content strategy.

The benefits of blogging:

You can build brand awareness – People can get to know your brand intimately. It’s a great way to show people what your company represents and to give them a real taste of the type of work you do.

You can position yourself as a leader in your field of expertise – Everyone will pay attention to what you have to say. Carefully plan your content so you can write articles that cover all your talents. Whether your company sells products or services, you will have specialist knowledge and insider knowledge, so create opportunities to share it. In addition to giving your customers something for free, you are clearly demonstrating your expertise.

You can show your dedication to your industry – You will be trusted, and develop a solid reputation if you regularly update your blog, answer questions, and respond to feedback. Keeping an eye on industry developments, sharing news that is important to your industry, or giving your customers helpful advice, will all help to build up your levels of trust amongst your readership and customers.

You will create a following of loyal advocates – Positive relationships with customers are the best form of PR. When your customers are delighted with the service you provide, or the products you sold, they will tell people about it. Word of mouth is hugely beneficial to any brand, and a blog can help this process because it is a way of sharing news and conversing with your audience.

You will create a positive community around your brand – Two-way communication with your audience builds more momentum for your blog, and the natural traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to gauge how your customers are reacting to certain news, or new developments that you share with them. Building a sense of community around your brand will instil a feeling of belonging in your audience, and this will translate into loyalty.

You will pick up new followers – Your blog will pick up new followers, and new visitors mean new leads, who in turn can become new customers. All you need to do to grow your readership is share your blog posts and keep at it. Over time you will see a steady increase in the number of views you are getting, and as the blog continues, you will soon build a regular following.