Role of Social Media in Online Business Transformation

To gain unbridled success on the web, business leaders should focus on the emerging platforms to write their success stories. They must use the latest social media strategies to win the battle. Today, organizations are exploiting the potential of social media to create a lasting value for their businesses, obtain extensive results and attract more and more customers. In fact, in this fast changing digital business landscape, social media is gaining attraction like never before. Technical executives have also understood this and started formulating their strategies accordingly.

However, for new online businesses, it is important to:

  • understand the role of social media in new business landscape;

  • keep track of the changes;

  • develop new approaches;

  • recognize and learn how to compete with the competitors on social platforms;
  • understand the way social media platforms are changing;

  • to utilize the analytical tools properly.

In a nutshell, it is important for the new online business owners to explore new opportunities that social media offers. They need to understand how to engage customers through a varied set of platforms.

Here are a few ways to engage the maximum number of customers:

  • Never ignore buyers’ personas – Create content according to your buyers’ persona. Understand their needs and provide solutions accordingly. You should use compelling images and videos and an engaging content.

  • Respond nicely – This is the best way to build your credibility and gain confidence of your customers. You should always respond instantly and positively. If there is any serious issue, solve it immediately. Clarify the doubts of your customers; this will improve your brand image.

  • Choose platforms wisely – Use the most suitable platform for communication. Twitter and Facebook are good for quick interaction and to address problems.

  • Keep your customers informed – Whatever the platform you choose, you should always try to improve the experience of your customers. You must share business related information, infographics, Pdfs, UGC and other useful information to help them make their decisions easily.

In addition, you must use CTAs diligently where ever possible. You need to explore new opportunities and monitor consumers’ choice in order to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Quick facts:

  • The number of social media users has risen by 176 million in the last year.

  • 1 million new active mobile social media users are added every day.

Unquestionably, Social media is an invaluable tool for businesses. Customer engagement will grow rapidly and you can easily achieve your objectives.