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Is SEO just about rankings?

Although some companies would have you believe it, the answer to this question is no. Good quality, effective SEO is about far more than just search engine rankings.

We have said it before but we often wonder if the term SEO should be changed to something more accurate to what SEO really means today, like Internet Optimisation Tactics.

To start out with, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, was all about improving rankings, using keywords and back links. Since Google developed the powerful algorithms, and now that content has become King, SEO means something far more than search engine rankings.

SEO is the art of using all the various tactics and methods of creating and sharing content to improve a website’s, brand’s and company’s visibility. This is done in order to attract more natural traffic to the website, blog and social media of a client. By attracting this additional flow of interest, the hope is that some of these new visitors will stay and become regular followers, and ultimately consumers.

All this activity will obviously have an effect on rankings, so it is still fair to say good SEO will influence rankings. But any SEO company that is delivering work only to raise your company’s rankings on a Google search page is not giving you the full service, and you are certainly not getting a wide ranging level of SEO services.

We believe SEO is more about content and sharing the content in a timely fashion. Whether this is video, images, PR, web content, social media posts, or the clever choice of keywords in a PPC campaign, it is still all content.

If you want to boost the rankings for your website, instead of worrying about links, start to think about what you can do to make your website more interesting and attractive to visit. The more you attract new visitors and customers, the higher your ranking will automatically go.

It’s time people stopped thinking that high rankings mean high activity. It’s actually the other way around if you think about it – more activity results in higher rankings.

Let us know what you think. How do you boost the activity coming to your website? Do you think SEO is more than just a drive to raise the rankings on the search engines?