SEO is a team sport!

One of the best ways to get the most from outsourcing your SEO is to fully understand what an SEO team can do for you and how you can work with them. Unlike many other services we pay for, SEO is a service that requires a really good working relationship between the team and the client. It really is a team sport!

When you hire a good SEO team they will first want to spend time getting to know your business and brand. This will involve more than simply checking out your website.

Some time spent discussing your business objectives and plans are an essential task. In order to deliver the right SEO on your behalf, you need to give your team a goal and objective which matches your own aspirations for the business. This can include promoting certain products or services, and new areas of content like a blog or news page. Talking to your SEO team and sharing your ides with them will create a more dynamic relationship and result in much more effect tactics being used.

Any good SEO service will involve the creation of high quality content. This can either be done by your business, in house, or it can be out-sourced to the SEO team. Either way, the content creator will need to communicate with you, and they will need your feedback. In addition, if you are creating content in-house, your SEO team will need to be part of the process so they can influence how you choose and place keywords, and where you share the content.

When your car needs fixed, you take it the garage, you tell the engineer what’s wrong, and then you leave them to get on with it. Hiring an SEO team is very different. It involves team work and regular two way communication. As a result, the best SEO results will invariably be because the team has enjoyed the very best relationship with their clients.