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Simple Ways to Improve ROI

Whether you have an online store or a service based website, you always need visitors in order to improve ROI.

Here are a few ways to improve ROI:


Homepage is one of the most vital web pages of your website. In fact, it is like front door of your website. Its design, content and other elements (such as graphics) are responsible for the overall traffic and conversion rate. Hence, you must focus on each element of your homepage.


  • Write relevant and optimised headings.

  • Use proper call-to-actions.

  • Use supporting facts, images and videos.

  • Write benefits and features of products and services.

  • Try to include social proofs.

  • Display your partner’s and clients’ images.

  • Never confuse your visitors by giving them too much information.

  • Make your site’s navigation simple and visible.

Don’t waste the precious time of visitors

People don’t like to spend time to answer someone, so no point in asking too many questions.


  • Never ask too many questions.

  • Use pre-filled forms.

  • Simplify your check out process.

Landing Page

Marketers call it a “lead capturing” page. You must create it to improve the overall leads as well as reduce the bounce rate. For better results, use clear and simple sentences (actionable), optimise the content and avoid using distracting images.


  • Use bullet points.

  • Use high-quality images.

  • Keep your CTA ‘above the fold’.

  • Create a sense of urgency.

  • Use customer’s testimonials.

  • Provide discounts and offers.

  • Use drag’n’drop landing page builders.

  • Use high-quality landing page templates.

  • Learn how to build better landing pages.

  • Show your contact information on the top.

Use social media

Social media is a fantastic platform to attract traffic. So use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other powerful social sites to improve traffic as well as brand image.

For better yields, share your blog posts, product images and provide updates.


  • Update your profiles.

  • Start a contest.

  • Interact with your fans/followers.

  • Use trending hashtags.

Graphic designs

Besides writing and uploading unique content, you should also focus on communicating through high quality graphics and pictures (A picture is worth a thousand words).

In fact, it helps you to convey a complicated message in a simple way.


  • Use images wherever possible.

  • Optimise images.

  • Use high quality graphic design software.

  • Use professional quality graphic designs to captivate customers.

So, use these techniques to engage website visitors and excel in your niche.