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Smart SEO Strategies for E-Commerce Websites

Whether you are about to launch a new e-commerce website for your business or have been thinking about redesigning your current website to make it more aggressive and search engine friendly, you always need to consider SEO. SEO has the ability to make your e-commerce website more profititable and more user friendly. Today, it is important for e-commerce website owners to integrate SEO in their online marketing strategies to reap the ultimate benefits.

Business owners choose the most enticing website designs and create the most compelling content to try and maximse their results. However, despite this, their websites still fail to rank on the top SERPs because they neglect the precision oriented SEO strategies for their business websites.

Quick facts:

40% of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via a desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices.

Here are a few SEO strategies for your e-commerce website to rank higher in the search engines:

  • Keyword researchThis is the basic element when it comes to SEO. As an e-commerce website owner, you need to carry out detailed keyword research. You need to determine your target audience and industry related search terms to optimize them. You can use Google Adwords to extract maximum number of keywords for your website. This tool suggests a great number of keywords for your convenience. You can take keywords that match with your products or services.

  • Check the website duplicate titles & descriptions – Always make sure that you do not have any duplicate titles or description tags in your e-commerce website. Use screaming frog SEO spider tool and fix any issues immediately.

  • Check the website for duplicate content – Always keep fresh and original content on your website. You also need to check for internal as well as external duplicity. If there is any, remove it and create fresh content according to your products or services. One more thing, keep your content factual, keyword-rich and in bullet form for fast readability and customer engagement.

  • Breadcrumbs Navigation – This is often overlooked in the design and development process; however, it is more useful when it comes to making a website easy to navigate. This helps a user to understand the exact location of a web page. It also helps users to easily navigate your website faster. In fact, it improves their overall experience.

  • Website architecture – This has the ability to influence your website’s usability. You must keep your website’s architecture simple and clear. You should also develop internal linking strategies to establish your own anchor text.

  • Users’ experience – Your website should improve yoir users’ experiences. It should have separate products and services categories. It should be easy to use and helpful for users.

In addition, you should also add product reviews on your e-commerce website. It helps to increase your overall conversion rate. Google analytics also helps business owners to measure their success and ROI. In fact, site indexibility is also something which you need to check, when you perform an indepth SEO analysis.

Quick tips:

  • Use nofollow for outbound links on your website

  • Never ignore page authority and domain authority

  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and Pinterest

  • Keep your URLs user-friendly

  • Never ignore site architecture, loading speed and uptime

  • Check if your XML sitemap is submitted to search engines

  • Always use the Google Webmaster Tool

  • Always check and update your Robots.txt file.

If you want to show your online credibility, invest your time and energy in obtaining high quality inbound links for your e-commerce website. No doubt, SEO takes its own time, but it can accelerate growth and revenue at the same time.

Quick facts:

81% of shoppers research their product online before purchasing.