Social Media Optimisation can Improve Online Visibility

Social media optimisation is a challenging task because it requires skills and knowledge of platforms. In another words social media optimisation needs a lot of attention and agility to build a brand and stay visible all the time.


  • YouTube is the second most popular online search engine.
  • Social platforms catalyse conversation.
  • According to a study, effectiveness of digital marketing channels is increasing over time.

Social media optimisation can:

  • Increase a brand’s visibility
  • Attract users
  • Establish brands
  • Increase conversion rate

Here are a few ways to increase visibility through social media optimisation:

Be consistent

If you want to maintain your brand’s visibility on various social media channels, you need to be consistent. You need to post your articles, blogs or posts regularly on different platforms.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.  to convey your messages. For more exposure, use your logo.    Maintain a uniform cross-media presence, so that users can easily identify your brand.

“Consistency is the key driver to growth and success of a business”.

Create Customised Content

Pay due attention to each platform for the maximum impact. There is no point in posting the same content on all platforms because each platform has different audience. So, customise your content. For example, post images on Instagram, and inspiring/educational/useful/professional content on LinkedIn.

Hence, devise a separate social media optimisation strategy for different platforms.


  • Update your content frequently .
  • Use catchy titles and descriptions.
  • Publish links regularly. (links to useful blogs)
  • Add relevant tags.
  • Showcase your expertise.
  • Use delicious and Stumbleupon.
  • Always remain active.
  • Use slideshare to share your content.
  • Optimise your content social media platforms.
  • Encourage people to comment and provide feedback.
  • Publish your content in different formats, such as videos, PDFs, etc.
  • Create profiles on image and video sharing websites.
  • Mention your website’s address (URL), objective, mission and visions.

Highlight Significant Content

 If you want to focus on  essential elements, such as product launch or service features, highlight it.

Twitter and Facebook help users to pin certain posts. Pinning a post, can make a great number of people see it and help it reach the desired place.

Write engaging content

 Write high quality and relevant content. Relevant content attracts the maximum number of people. Share educational and inspiring content.

People like to read funny and motivational content or messages’. Make sure that your content is unique and interesting so that your audience can share it.


  • Always aim to define, create, and measure your content.
  • Share thought-provoking information.
  • Write content that demonstrates your leadership.
  • Use relevant keywords and hashtags.
  • Create a compelling story around your product.
  • Try creating short videos. (show your uniqueness)
  • Understand the importance of short attention spans and create content accordingly.

Use these social media optimisation techniques to gain long-term visibility.