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Some clever SEO tactics for you to use on YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic resource. In addition to being the ‘go to’ site for all of the world’s funniest and most popular video content, the platform presents businesses with a huge opportunity to increase their visibility online, and boost rankings.

YouTube is not just a way of posting and sharing videos. Done properly, you can add video content which will be a significant part of your SEO plan. And it can generate activity which will have a positive effect on your SEO results.

We’re presuming you already have a YouTube channel for this blog article. If not, we suggest you set one up. YouTube, like other social media platforms, creates an opportunity to build rapport with your viewers, and it engages them. This can lead to conversations and interaction, all activities which create ‘natural’ traffic to your sites. And as you know, natural activity is what Googlebots are looking for these days.

Here are some clever YouTube tactics you can use to boost SEO.

Use closed captions – YouTube crawls for content on the actual videos, including closed captions, so by adding them you are increasing the visibility of your video.

Use the description section – Use the description section to add the video script, or give a detailed description using well-chosen keywords. Many videos are posted with a vague comment or left blank. This section is searchable, so it is another opportunity to make your video much more attractive to the bots.

Name your video with keywords – Carefully name each of your videos with keywords. The art is to make the title of your video as attractive and descriptive as possible, without being long-winded. And by adding a well-placed keyword, you can add to its visibility on the search engines. Remember, unless you have a very well-known brand name, you will be better served using a descriptive keyword.

Make fantastic videos – Obviously, if your videos are not well produced and interesting, they are unlikely to be watched and shared by thousands, or hopefully millions! With your own channel, you have the opportunity to post regularly, and create a useful and interesting series, so spend some time developing a content plan for YouTube. As your collection grows, your audience of followers will too.