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Some great tips for boosting SEO with your blog

A huge number of our clients have blogs, and we know that the number of blog writers world-wide is growing at an incredible rate. That’s a lot of competition! We thought it would be useful to share some excellent tips for how to boost SEO with your blog. These tips will help attract more people to your blog too.

A Google search will reveal that the most popular blogs show up at the top of results, but if you do these searches over a few days, what you may notice is that from page two down, the rankings change and blogs move up and down quite rapidly. This is because of the activity the bots have picked up, or not picked up as the case may be. It is also directly linked to the levels of sharing and commenting activity that is recorded on a blog.

Put simply, a regular blog with daily activity and two-way communication between you and your readers will boost the rankings. With that in mind, here are some great tips to help you achieve this:

Post amazing content – We know we have said this before, but it is so important it is worth repeating. If you write a blog which does not engage and interest, how can you expect readers to return, or for them to share your content? There is no doubt that blogs still have the capacity to turn a brand, or a business, or a writer’s reputation right around. But the content has to be top notch every time to achieve this.

Build a little community – If you make your readers feel as though they are part of a small, exclusive and friendly community, it won’t matter how many of them you actually have, and it could be thousands. They will all feel close and warm towards you and your blog. You do this by developing a tone of voice which is friendly, approachable and which suits your brand. Then you consistently use it. Over time, your readers will ‘get to know you’ and feel comfortable. From an SEO point of view, this is important because it creates an atmosphere where readers are more likely to comment, engage and respond to your articles. Make sure you check regularly for comments and always respond and answer questions when asked. Never ignore anyone or leave a reader with no response for longer than a day.

Share! – Our last tip is so simple and obvious we nearly didn’t include it. But we have seen too many blogs that have omitted the essential buttons which make it easy to share content. The internet has created an amazing network of ways to share our content, and give our readers a way to share it too. Don’t miss out on this valuable, free opportunity, simply by forgetting to add RSS feed, the top share buttons and Pinterest buttons.