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Special Tools for SEO and Marketing Professionals

Whether you are an SEO professional or a marketer, you need to use tools and resources that can simplify your task and accelerate your marketing efforts.

Here are a few tools for SEO professionals:


It is one of the most versatile customer relationship management and sales CRM software solutions. It helps you to organise, track, as well as manage deals, leads, and contacts. As a marketer, you should use it to:

  • Increase revenues

  • View and convert leads

  • Automate sales

  • Establish seamless communication

  • Provide consistent customer experience


Whether you are a content marketer or an SEO expert, you should always use Outbrain because it helps you to optimize content, connect with audiences, and create long-term relationships with them.

Use it to:

  • Maximize engagement

  • Outperform competitors

  • Drive high-quality traffic

  • Improve page views

  • Improve your content’s visibility


You should use this powerful analytics software to know how users interact with your website/blog. This tool is designed to improve the overall usability and conversion rate of your site/blog.

It helps you to:

  • Understand customer behaviour

  • Optimise website

  • Capture data in real time

  • Deliver a great customer experience


Workfront is project management software that enables you to manage all the work efficiently. It helps you to prioritize incoming projects, assign tasks and get real time updates.

It helps in:

  • Managing project and portfolio

  • Managing Resource and individual task

  • Automating repeatable processes

Load Impact

It is one of the best online load and performance testing services that help you to test your website, web-application, mobile application or API. It is an on-demand service.

Use it to:

  • Measure and improve the speed of your website

  • Improve your site’s conversion rates.

  • Analyse web pages and API.


It helps you to organise and manage content as well as measure the value of your social media marketing. Use Oktopost to:

  • Schedule content distribution

  • Manage all social media activities

  • Discover and share content

  • Collaborate with social media marketing teams

  • Improve your business intelligence

  • Amplify ROI through social media (66% of CMO’s say they don’t know how to measure their social ROI. Source – Oktopost)


As an SEO marketer, you always need WooRank that helps you to analyse backlinks, perform SEO audit, analyse traffic and improve your ability to track competitors.

Use it to:

  • Identify and fix SEO on-page issues

  • Find backlink building opportunities

  • Track keywords positioning

So, if you want to achieve unprecedented success, use the above mentioned tools.