Technical Resources You Should Use For Better Website Rankings

Everyone knows all about SEO, but only few hit the right button of “success,” why? The reason is people know very few aspects of SEO; they do not know the real technical aspects that remain hidden all the time. Therefore, in order to tap into the real potential of SEO, it is important to underside the technical SEO side. Technical SEO allows you to understand how well the search engines are crawling and accessing your site. It also helps you to understand the technical faults of your website. Through the modern technical tools you can understand the vital technical aspects of your website.

Here are some of the highly used technical tools that will help you make your website stronger:

  • Google Webmaster Tool – Google’s webmaster tool is necessary for any strong SEO effort. This tool provides insight into your website’s hidden technical aspects. It helps you to understand your website’s indexing issues, errors, backlinks, most popular keywords and other serious issues. You can also check your sitemap, robots file, duplicate pages, duplicate Meta titles and descriptions and much much more.

  • Screaming Frog – It is a highly recommended tool when it comes to SEO, which allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze from an SEO perspective. It also helps to determine the URL structure of your website. In addition, it helps a website crawl instantly and finds broken links as well as server errors.

  • Google’s PageSpeed Insights – It allows you to analyze and evaluate a specific site’s speed. It analyzes the content of a web page and gives suggestions to make that page faster and much more effective. You can fix site’s errors and improve its speed. Today, it is important to improve the overall speed of the website because it directly influences website’s rankings. No doubt, it is the best tool to learn more about website’s performance.

  • Google Mobile Friendly Tool – This tool helps you know whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Today, it is important for the websites to become mobile friendly and responsive to get better visibility.

All these technical tools will not only improve your website’s performance on the web, but also make it much more competitive, productive and healthy. You can use these tools to focus on the critical technical aspects of SEO. So if you want to add extra value to your website, just use these powerful tools and see the magic.