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Techniques and Benefits of Using Local SEO

There are many reasons to use local SEO. The most important reason is that it can easily increase the visibility of a website in local region. It doesn’t matter what other internet marketing tactics you use, you should use local SEO marketing to target specific market. With local SEO, you can easily connect with your customers and gain unprecedented advantages.

This article explores the real need and underlying benefits of using local SEO and how it can bring profitability to any business.


  • Local online directories help businesses to raise their profile.
  • Businesses with reviews or ratings rank higher.

Here are a few techniques to improve local SEO:

  • Build your local listing pages – For the best possible results, claim your local listings on Google+, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, as well as other popular local business listing directories. The verification method of all these listings is different, so perform it carefully.
  • Use Yelp – Yelp is one of the most effective platforms that connect people with local businesses. Use it to improve your visibility in the local market. (Tip – Provide complete information of your business to gain maximum advantages.)
  • Blogging – Create a blog on your website and update it on a regular basis to improve the understanding of your customers. (Tip – Use blogging to solve the problem of your local customers and target specific issues.)
  • Mobile friendly website – Make sure your website is mobile friendly and serves its customers in the best possible way. (Tip – Optimize your mobile friendly websites to get instant visibility.)
  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews – Positive reviews build trust and credibility, so ask your satisfied customers and clients to write positive reviews on your website.
  • Focus on NAP – Make sure details of your business such as name, address, phone number and other important details appear on all local directory listings.
  • Social media – Choose an appropriate social media platform to connect with your local customers. (Tip – Share relevant blog posts, images, videos and presentations to educate your customers and never ignore CTAs.)
  • Focus on your customers – Always try to improve the experience of your customers. Write relevant blogs, share beautiful images, provide free e-books and e-guides and give importance to them at regular intervals.

All these techniques will help your business to capture the local market and stay ahead of your competitors. Please share your valuable thoughts with us…

Quick tip-

Make sure you use unique keywords, Meta tags, anchor text, and keyword-rich URLs for better visibility.

Quick statistical facts:

  • About 23 million unique visitors visited Yelp via the Yelp app and 69 million via mobile web in Q2 2016.
  • You can access Yelp via iPhone, Android and many more.
  • Mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010.
  • 71% of mobile phone users expect websites to load as quickly on their mobile phones and on their desktops.