Techniques to Improve Blog’s Subscribers

Blogs are easy to establish and maintain; however, increasing subscriber base is a challenge.

Here are a few tested techniques to improve a blog’s subscriber base:

Offer informative content

Many bloggers write for the sake of writing, as a result, they fail to achieve their goals. That is why, it is important to write exclusive content.


  • Write factual content.

  • Use statistics to support your content.

  • Try to improve the overall understanding of users.

Subscribe button

The basic objective of any blog is to generate loyal readers/subscribers. In order to get this done, it is always good to use subscribe button.

Focus on SEO basics

Perform comprehensive keyword research before writing on any subject. It is the fundamental element and influences the search engine rankings and traffic of a blog.

For better results, use both short and long-tail keywords. This will eventually help your blog to gain traffic.

Make Your Readers Stay Longer

To avoid the bounce rate, you need to work out on several aspects of a blog such as

  • Navigation structure

  • Font size

  • Design

  • Look and feel

  • Functionality

Remember, easy and uncluttered blogs attract the maximum number of visitors.

Use popups

Most people avoid using popups because they affect the overall user experience; however, according to a study, using a popup to get visitors’ email address, is one of the most successful things.

Integration of Google Analytics tool

It is one of the most necessary elements that should be taken care of. It helps you to analyse visitors’ data, traffic source, website compatibility and much more.

Use it to study a blog’s overall performance as well as indexing statistics.

Load time

If your blog is slow, you may lose the war. So, optimise its integral elements.


  • Optimise images

  • Optimise javascript

  • Use CDN

Simplify your form

It is a known fact that online visitors do not want to spend/waste time in filling the form fields. So, limit the number of fields.


  • A/B test form fields.

  • Focus on improving the conversion rate of your blog.

Do not use “#” in URLs

Most of the blogs have “#” in its URLs, which makes it difficult for Google bots to read the URL. Hence, never use it in the URLs.

If you are a passionate blogger and want to increase your blog’s subscribers, follow the above mentioned techniques.