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Things to consider while doing an On-page SEO

On-page optimisation helps a website to gain prominence in search engines. In other words it is all about ranking and conversation. Please go through this article to know the integral elements of on-page optimisation.

Here are a few on-page optimisation elements:

Focus on keyword research

It is a well known fact that keyword research is the basic building block of SEO. So, if you want to explore untapped, high-volume keywords use high-quality and reliable keyword research tools.


  • Use wordstream,, adwords, etc.

  • Pick keywords according to your business’s theme.

Pay attention to Keyword Difficulty

According to Quora, Keyword difficulty (KD) – is a metric that helps you to determine your chances of top rank for a certain keyword.

  • Use semrush.

  • Always consider keyword’s competitiveness before choosing keywords.


According to Google, you should always protect all of your websites with HTTPS, even if they don’t handle sensitive communications. Hence, use HTTPS to protect the integrity of your website.


  • Enable HTTPS on your servers.

  • Pick the most suitable SSL certificate.

Use Google Webmaster Tools

You should use Google Webmaster Tools to crawl errors, keywords, sitemaps, search query and much more.


  • Address missing page issues and server errors.

  • Submit an updated sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Focus on Website’s Speed

It is advisable to optimise a website for speed. It will help you to retain users, improve conversions as well as gain prominence from search engines.


  • Measure and improve load times.

  • Choose a fast and reliable server.

  • Optimise site’s code as well as images.

  • Use compression technique.

Use Long-Tail Keywords across the website

If you want to lessen the fear of competition and achieve high rankings, use long-tail keywords across the website.


  • Use long-tail keywords according to specific product/service categories.

  • Use both short and long-tail keywords for better results.

Focus on local SEO

If you want to reach local audiences, focus on local SEO. It is one of the best ways to attract local audiences.


  • Use your business location in keywords and metatags.

  • Use your business location in the context.

  • Get listed in local search engine.

Try to obtain high-quality Links

If you are looking to gain high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, you need to follow certain white-hat strategies.


  • Write and publish press releases.

  • Write and distribute high-quality industry related articles.

  • Create relevant videos as well as eBooks.

  • Submit your website to Blog aggregator sites.

  • Create Infographics and submit them to,, etc.

Use Google Plus

It must be noted that Google Plus is essential for SEO in a number of ways. It not only improves your site’s visibility, but also helps you to reach audiences.


  • Complete your business’ profile.

  • Always remain active on Google Plus.

So, use the above mentioned On-page SEO techniques to improve the value of your marketing.