Today, it’s our customers who have the power

Are you in charge of your internet marketing? We don’t think so.

You may have the ultimate decision about the level of investment you make, and you are ultimately the one who decides on the type of content you create, but it is your customers who have the power.

Small businesses, in fact, all businesses online, need to keep their customers in focus in order to create internet marketing that ‘speaks’ to the right people. Within the world of SEO, everything we do is directly influenced by what customers think, do and where they hang-out online.

Today, a business needs to present a picture of itself as a friend or colleague, not a product or service. That’s not easy because the truth is that we are all trying to selling something, that’s the very nature of business. So how do we achieve this seemingly impossible balance of selling and engaging?

Customers tend to be very sceptical online, they don’t like sales speak or blatant selling tactics. Internet users are more interested in high quality communications that amuse them, interest them, or make them feel good. Eye-catching, clear, innovative, and powerful communications can cut through the internet noise and attract people.

But it’s not easy. Not only are your communications attempting to attract attention from the right audience, you also have to successfully compete in a global market place. It’s no wonder so many small businesses become disenchanted with the entire concept of internet marketing.

While promoting a business online may seem like an almost impossible task, it isn’t. And the fact that our customers are now calling the shots can actually help us.

Daily use of the internet, mobile web technology and the habit of socializing online has made it much easier for businesses to engage on a more personal level with customers. And by harnessing this powerful way of communicating, we can influence the type of tactics we employ and the content we create.

Communication is the key to success more than ever before. Once upon a time, a small business was able to set up shop and wait for customers to stroll through the door. Now, regardless of your chosen field of expertise, you need to be a marketing expert, a writer, and a savvy internet user.

The right communications will encourage your customers to talk about your businesses. The ultimate goal is to turn them into customers and advocates of your brand. Word of mouth is always a more powerful sales advertisement than any television or YouTube advert.

Focus on your customer. Yes, you need to make them the target of your communications, but by making your communications something they will target, you will have much better results.