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Top 4 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing is one of the most attractive online activities. It is a fact that social updates and searches nowadays generate more website traffic than Google searches. More than 80% of the adults who use the Internet use social media as well. Some of them use it for fun, others for business and students for their college needs.

If you’re still not sure whether you should invest your time and money in social media marketing, we’ll give you 6 reasons why you need to change your mind.

1. Social networks reach more people

Can you possibly think of another marketing medium that can reach hundreds of people in a matter of hours, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people every month? There is not any other source that has the potential to reach so many people with the ability to target audiences for your business. Also, constant posting on social networks can reach far more people than direct mail, e-mail or advertisements.

At a time when print media, newspapers and magazines were the main advertising media for reaching a target audience in a particular area, marketing was considered expensive. Advertisements in magazines were an interesting occurrence, but running these advertising campaigns alone was very expensive.

2. Social networks can provide more website visits and higher online visibility

Advertising was indeed created to maximize sales. The expected outcome of any campaign is to increase sales. However, what most businesses and individuals don’t understand yet, is that advertising is also a medium that gives you the opportunity for your business or service to become well known and with that – to increase your sales.

Daily posts on Facebook bring potential users to you. Social media is now far more explored by people than any other search engine.

So, more daily posts and daily advertising campaigns mean that more people will see your business online, which means that they will be more interested in what you do and what you offer, which also means that more of them will click on your site and thus generating better search results on both Facebook and Google and other search engines. As a result, your online visibility is improved, as well as the ability to maximise sales.

3. Social networks enhance the customer experience

Customers expect you to use social networks for the needs of your business and will require your constant attention when they need it. This is proof that you are active on social networks and available for any questions and answers.

All of this is very important. A huge number of users from all around the world have stopped doing business with a certain company due to poor customer service experience.

4. Users want, and they need you to be active on social media

A big number of users have a better brand view when they see an active page of a business on social media, especially when they have positive reviews. It is a fact that almost everyone researches social networks before opting for a brand.

The numbers speak for themselves, users want your business on social media networks, they want to see that you are active and happy to respond to their requests.