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Use Advanced Social Listening Tools

Social media channels are more than a communication platform.  So, use them proactively and carefully to establish better relationship with your users.

Businesses need to improve their social listening and responding abilities to understand the real needs of their customers. However, it becomes quite difficult for them to keep a track of the communication due to high volume of traffic.

Here are a few advanced social listening tools:

Sprout Social

 This is an efficient social media scheduling platform with great social listening capabilities. You can set up customised feeds according to your objectives. (specific keyword, region/location, and hashtags). You can have complete control over different platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

“Sprout Social is user friendly and intuitive “.

Sprout Social is one of the best ways to engage with audiences. It also helps marketers to create as well as execute a social media marketing plan to drive social referral traffic.


  • Use it to schedule cross-network campaigns or time sensitive promotional posts.
  • Use it to monitor marketing campaigns and seamlessly engage with customers.


This is an excellent social listening tool with an ability to uncover effective data and latest trends. With this platform, you can get social media insights.

Brandwatch helps to identify opportunities, use it to mine social data and improve conversation.


  • Use it to know key consumer insights.
  • It helps to drive product innovation.
  • It helps to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Use its analytics to uncover the insights you need.


This is a complete social media customer service platform with extensive social listening features. Its features include ability to track keywords, hashtags, as well as locations. Use it to monitor indirect complaints and conversations around your products and services.

Conversocial specifically focuses on communication management.


  • Use it to save time and make team management easier.
  • Use it to publish content, measures the engagement with content.
  • Use it to analyse engagement statistics.
  • Use it to integrate with CRM platforms.


Sprinklr is a popular social media marketing platform with a wide variety of features. Use it for social listening as well as reputation management. Its extensive tools help you to understand the emotional and conversational context of a user’s comments.

Use it for content management, collaboration, advocacy and social media monitoring.


  • Use it to assign and track workflow and content management.
  • Use its analytics for specific channels and campaigns.

So, improve your social presence and ability to respond to your customers in a better way with these platforms.