Use BuzzSumo to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Content

Today, businesses rely on content marketing to influence their customers. They use different types of approaches to create content in huge amounts; however, they are still to achieve prominence, the reason being they do not create real valuable content. To create valuable and useful content they need to research properly and devise a strategy that can add value to their content and attract customers. One of the best ways to create compelling and useful content is to use BuzzSumo, one of the most effective content research and monitoring tools.

BuzzSumo helps businesses to:

  • Identify the most shared content on social media channels

  • Determine influencers related to a specific topic

  • Get alerts based on keywords, brand names and more

  • Monitor your competitors

  • Analyze their content.

BuzzSumo helps businesses to create effective content:

  • Topic search – Use BuzzSumo to search a current topic. It helps you know the popularity of your search term or topic. This is the best way to find a current and interesting topic that can attract new customers.

  • Monitor sharing statistics – BuzzSumo is a great tool to check out the sharing statistics of a particular search term. It gives results under different categories for your convenience. This will help you to create compelling content.

  • Identify your platform – BuzzSumo helps you to identify the best platform to promote your content. It can provide you with different types of social channels to choose from. In addition, you can also use BuzzSumo to check your own content.

  • Find prominent authors BuzzSumo helps you to identify “top content”, “the most shared links”, “total number of articles” and “social platforms”. This will help you to find out the most prominent authors in your particular niche. You can extract this data in an excel sheet for further analysis and evaluation.
  • Enhance your authority – You can use the “filter option” to identify the top sites that accept guest posts. You can create content for these sites to attract customers, make your content viral and achieve the maximum possible conversions.

  • Use research – Use BuzzSumo’s Research to develop focused and useful content, which can appeal readers.

BuzzSumo has many special features that can add value to your content and helps to achieve better conversions. Modern marketing specialists also recommend using BuzzSumo to maximize the effectiveness of the content.

Quick facts:

  • BuzzSumo shows the Page Authority and PageRank for the URLs.

  • BuzzSumo helps you to set up different types of alerts to track a topic.

  • BuzzSumo also offers average shares per article.