Use Online Marketing Tactics to Compete With the Industry Leaders

Whether you want to improve click-through rate, ranking, and social presence or increase your market share, you can always use online marketing tactics. Online marketing tactics not only help you to achieve your goals, but also lower your overall marketing cost.

Here are a few online marketing tactics for business owners:

Never ignore algorithm updates

Landscape of the web never remains the same; it changes frequently and evolves surprisingly. Hence, as a marketer, you need to keep an eye on these algorithm updates to win the race.

  • Panda update – It was launched to reward high-quality websites and diminish websites that use thin, low quality, and duplicate content.

  • Penguin update – It was announced to push down websites that are involved in link schemes.

  • Hummingbird update – It was announced to focus on the intent of search queries.

Tips –

  • Understand Google’s knowledge base known as the “knowledge graph”.

  • Focus on Semantic search.

  • Never ignore ‘Voice search’ and ‘conversational search’.

  • Create content based on the intent behind users’ searches.

  • Use TF-IDF tool.

  • Explore relevant terms to optimise.

  • Develop content to enter into ‘answer box’ or ‘knowledge panel’. (

Balance on-page and off-page SEO

According to a report, most websites fail to strike the fortune because they are unable to devise a perfect on-page and off-page SEO strategy.

Essential tips –

  • Use high-quality Content Analysis tools.(

  • Submit your website into relevant business directories.

  • Create high quality blogs and infographics and submit them on the top sites.

  • Create case studies and white papers.

  • Give e-books to subscribers.

  • Optimise websites based on ‘user’s intent’. (

  • Diversify your content.

  • Never ignore social bookmarking.

  • Study competitors and revise your strategies at regular intervals.

Don’t ignore Mobilegeddon

Many marketers believe that Mobilegeddon will not make any difference, but in reality it has its own impact and can make or break any business.

Tips –

  • Create mobile-friendly website.

  • Create AMP pages. (

  • Focus on both speed and usability of mobile website.

  • Stay away from shallow content.

  • Never compromise on UX.

Follow the standards

It is important to follow the standards of whatever you are doing from optimization to file formatting; for the optimum results, use:

  • .txt for text files

  • .ppt or .pptx for Microsoft PowerPoint

  • images and graphics in the right format.

  • Video transcription.

  • Supplementary content.

So, use the above mentioned online marketing tactics to compete with industry leaders.