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Use Productivity Enhancing Apps to Increase Profitability

  • Looking for marketing tools and applications to save time and increase profitability?
  • Want to enhance business productivity?

Here are a few advanced business applications to use:


This is an easy-to-use, affordable, flexible, smart and user-friendly relational database. Its intuitive and  customisable features allow people to perform multiple operations efficiently.

Use it to organise any data you need.


Use it to:

  • Centralise brand’s assets.
  • Manage multiple projects.
  • Remove complexity.
  • Improve real-time communication and co-ordination amongst teams.


Acuity Scheduling

 This is the most powerful, market-leading and well-balanced online appointment scheduling software. It can be used for booking appointments and scheduling meeting.

Acuity Scheduling is fast, reliable, and customisable. It can integrate easily as well as address the key issues.


Use it to:

  • Help your client see your real-time calendar.
  • Get notifications.
  • Get reminders & follow-ups—via email or text messages.

“Business applications help to strengthen corporate purpose and collaborate with clients”.

 HubSpot CRM

If you  face difficulty  in organising your contacts, leads, suppliers, customers, sponsors, etc., you need to use HubSpot CRM. HubSpot CRM helps you to monitor interaction with contacts.

This tool helps managers and sales team to improve coordination and manage CRM.


Use it to:

  • Generate leads and build better connection with customers.
  • Manage your old and new contacts.
  • Track emails and other tasks.
  • Create actionable framework for growth.

“Business applications help to bring integrity and transparency in an organisation”.


 OmniFocus is an ideal and scalable application for project management. It’s an intuitive and flexible to-do list app for your tasks and appointments.


Use it to:

  • Handle multiples tasks.
  • Focus on specific projects.
  • Improve conversion strategies.
  • Accomplish your priority-driven tasks.

“Business applications bring robust intelligence and proven methods into businesses”.


You can easily automate your work flow with the help of this indispensable marketing software – HubSpot. It not only helps you to streamline your work, but also automates your CRM, emails and sales. In other words, use it to improve the ability of your marketing funnel.


Use it to:

  • Manage your editorial schedule on a calendar.
  • Assign post to your writing team.
  • Track your leads and deals.
  • Get valuable insights.

Office 365

 Office 365 Business is a comprehensive office suite that is designed to help businesses to achieve their goals. It includes powerful products like Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and much more.

Use it for handling multiple office applications from managing emails, calendar, and file sharing to resource handling.

Use it for:

  • Collaboration and file sharing.
  • Managing your email and calendars professionally.

So, start using productivity tools and applications to increase business profitability.