Use Scalable Online Tools to Create Videos

Videos can easily promote a business and attract the maximum number of customers. In fact, they are scalable as well as cost-effective.


  • Videos in an e-mail leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rate. (source – hubspot)

  • YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.(source – hubspot)

Here are a few video production tools to improve your video marketing campaign:

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a free, flexible and efficient live-streaming tool. You must use it to create exciting, effective Live videos.


  • Tell your fans/followers when you’re broadcasting your video.

  • Write a catchy description.

  • Never forget to ask viewers to subscribe to Live notifications.

  • Always use a closing sentence to mark the end of the broadcast.

YouTube editor

Use YouTube video editor to create high quality videos. It helps you to combine multiple videos, add music and customize clips with special effects.

Adobe Spark

It is a free application that helps you to transform your ideas/beliefs into visual stories. It helps you to choose the best photos, add/edit text, as well as apply design filters to create high-quality videos.


Magisto is a powerful application that enables you to create premium quality videos. It offers easy-to-use editing tools, text editors, captions, custom branding, and much more. This application also has a vast collection of stock videos.


It is a powerful, effective and full-featured online video editor with a user-friendly interface. It allows you to edit videos.

You can easily add music, titles, animated transitions, and save in the desired format. Use its advanced features to create high quality videos.


This tool helps you to create animated videos. All you need to do is to drag and drop elements or upload your own images to create a video.


  • Improves productivity and ROI

  • Improves e-mail opening rate


This is a Twitter application for live streaming. It helps you to broadcast live video and interact with people. As a marketer, you can use it to quickly share your live videos on Twitter and other social mediums.


WeVideo is a famous, affordable, and full-featured online video editing tool. Use it to create exceptional videos having text, transitions, motion effects, and much more.

So, use the above mentioned video production tools to make your marketing more effective.