Using social media sign-ups can help your conversion rate and boost rankings

What is your web visitor conversion rate like? When a new visitor arrives at your website, how long do they stay and do they return? Do you gather their information and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with them? If your website is not achieving all these things, or your conversion rate is low, then this blog may give you some tips on how to get things moving in the right direction.

Your website is not just a shop window for your business. It is also the meeting room, the space where you can connect with a visitor and turn them into a customer. Many websites fail on this aspect because they do not have clear and easy calls to action.

One of the most popular ways to formally connect with visitors to a website is to offer them easy registration using social media sign-up. You will probably have used this method of registering on a site yourself. A huge number of e-commerce sites have added this function as an easy way for users to register as a customer, sign-up for more information and become a regular member of a brand’s web community.

It allows you to make membership of your ‘club’ much easier and faster, so users are more likely to sing up, and it is also a great way to expand your network. As soon as you are linked to someone via social media, you potentially are opening up the opportunity to be seen by all their contacts too. You are also aligning yourself with big names online. Offering your users Twitter or Facebook sign-up gives your website automatic kudos.

Building a good relationship with your audience from the outset is the key to creating customers and loyal advocates of your brand. It’s a way for them to get to know your business and for you to get to know them. It opens the door to email communications, content sharing and word of mouth exposure for your brand too.

You can gather important information about customers and build an excellent customer database. You will have their names, email addresses and other relevant details you can choose in order to communicate with them effectively. It is also a great form of authentication. If the person already has a live FB or Twitter account, it is more likely that they are a real genuine person and not internet spam.

It is also a brilliant way of making it easy for them to return to your website. Make your social media sign-up clear and easy to see. Give your customers plenty of calls to action that will encourage them to return, like a weekly offer, a monthly competition, a blog and so on. These things can all be shared on social media too. By linking all your platforms together you are creating natural back links, you are creating traffic and you are making it very easy for your customers to return to you, and all these are aspects which will boost your rankings and increase your conversion rate.