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Is your website local search friendly?

Many businesses are trying to attract local customers. Not every website on the internet is attempting to attract a global audience. Local search optimization is vital for those companies who rely on local customers for their revenue.

Some examples of this are restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, boutiques, and local retail stores, local services like garages or cleaners. This list is endless!

The way to attract local search traffic online is to optimize your website to be found by local searchers. It’s also important that your website is mobile optimized since statistics show that the majority of local searches are conducted using a mobile phone or tablet device.

Here are some examples of the type of optimization we suggest you work towards.

A local café has a mobile optimized website. It is listed on Google maps, and has a dedicated page for mobile users. The content makes it clear how to get to the café, and it posts regular offers for patrons to enjoy and take advantage of.

A local cleaning service in a City has created a mobile friendly site which promotes all the areas of the city where its services are available. It has added the relevant keywords so that searches looking for a ‘cleaner in…’ will find them easily. Contact details are clear and the first thing the user sees is the company name and telephone number.

These are simple examples, but they are great for showing you how you can very easily and quickly tap into a local supply of new customers.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we do not need to compete with the global brands, and many businesses do not require many millions of followers. All they are looking for is to be seen by the local population and any visitors to the area who may need their services and products.

Make local search optimization your project for 2014. You will be amazed how much additional traffic and revenue you will be able to generate. It will not take long, and it will not involve a huge investment in your part.

If you need help and advice with local search optimization, get in touch. Our experts have a number of tried and tested tactics they could use to help you get started. You can begin by making sure your business is on Google Maps, and by adding some content which contains keywords designed to answer local search questions.