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Which should you invest in for better ROI – SEO or PPC?

Global companies of almost all sizes have now realized that there is no escaping from online marketing. They nowalso understand that they can unlock the real value of their business through online marketing. In fact, online marketing is responsible for fuelling a rapid expansion of online marketing strategies. Nowadays, more and more people are utilizing the power of internet and searching websites on the web. In fact, according to some of the research and surveys, more than 81% of users find their desired product/services through a search engine.

This shows that it is essential for companies to have a strong and vibrant presence in the search engines, so that the targeted customers can find their website easily.  Of course, there are many tools and techniques that guarantee top rankings and good traffic, but still for most of the business owners it is a difficult decision to make. In fact, they are unaware of the powerful SEO and PPC techniques that have the power to improve business rankings higherin the search results. SEO helps to rank naturally in the organic search results, while PPC is a sponsored link that means they are the purchased ads in a Google search to attract customers. Of course, both are highly powerful and growth-driven techniques that can help a business to grow rapidly.

However, if done in a systematic and planned manner, both can get a websiteto the top positions of the search engines for targeted keywords/search terms. However, each has its own benefits and costs; therefore, proper understanding is necessary before choosing a specific technique.

When it comes to the power and potential of SEO, nothing can beat its radiance. It is one of the finest ways to take your business to the upper level of excellence. SEO strategies are quite aggressive and touchseveral elements of the website from its keyword research, content optimization, navigation structure, readability, usability factor, technical issues, redirection issues to the social aspects. It is all about promoting a website holistically so that it can organically come outin the top search results.

The strategies of SEO are based on the constantly changing algorithms and programs that measure and judge the websites based on the pre-defined parameters. All SEO tactics and strategies adhere to the guidelines of the SEO professional, which makes it stringent and result-oriented, too. In fact, such things have sped up the scale of adoption of SEO techniques by the global business leaders. This also shows its potential impact in the search results.

However, when it comes to PPC, it has a whole new concept, which is entirely different from SEO. It is said that it has a higher conversion rate and works at a lightening fast speed. Of course, it has no relation with the organic search results, which are mostly recognized and well-respected across the online community. It is true that with a PPC campaign, your website will be on the first page for a large number of keywords within a day. However, the terms can be expensive enough to bear. Your company may need to spend an extensive amount in the campaign in order to gain the business edge, which is not possible for the small business owners who have a limited budget for promotion.

That is why, most small business owners choose SEO over PPC because it is not only an inexpensive way of promoting an online business, but also the sure shot way to get visibility in a holistic manner. Being organic and systematic, business owners embrace it despite its slow pace nature.

SEO is all about optimizing a user’s experience

Moreover, SEO also involvesan in-depth analysis and evaluation of the website, which is intended to make it flawless and more user-friendly. In fact, through systematic optimization efforts and all round online promotion strategies, websites start ranking well on the first page of the SERPs. SEO not only adds value to a website, but also make it fully functional, business-centric, and above all search engine friendly. It adds long-term value to any online business, while streamlining its infrastructure, which is not possible with the concept of PPC.

However, there are still some businesses that go for PPC because they want instant brand building, prompt exposure and fast revenue generation. Of course, PPC is ideal for this, provided if you have the budget, but through SEO you can transform your entire revenue and brand. SEO has the ability to create business value by engaging and sustaining customers.

In fact, broadly speaking, creative and well-executed SEO strategies help businesses to outperform their competitors in an efficient manner. Indeed, SEO is highly compatible andcan empower online businesses so that they can better serve their customers.

Unquestionably, with SEO, companies can:

  • record explosive growth,
  • reach their customers,
  • build a solid brand for long term,
  • increase interaction with the customers,
  • expand their business horizon,
  • grow their customer database,
  • unlock their real value,
  • and educate, inform and entertain their customers.

Ignoring SEO is a big mistake

Some business owners ignore SEO because of its vastness, fluctuations, technical aspects and complexity, but in real terms, it is much more beneficial than any other online promotional strategy. This shows that online businesses can tap the real growth opportunities by adopting SEO. So it is good to make your business profitable by embracing the ever so dynamic and powerful SEO.